Mantry October 2014 Review

The Mantry Crate.

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–Mantry is a high end service that claims to supply the modern man with a high end pantry.  Each month you will receive an information booklet with an explanation of each product and that month’s theme.  This month Mantry partnered with GQ How To Entertain in Style.

–My husband surprised me by taking these pictures last night and putting together a platter for us both to try as the kids slept.  It was so lovely.

  • Note:  I did purchase this on sale at Rue La La.  Rue La la is a members only shopping destination.  Each day, they curate Boutiques filled with the best of the best in women’s and men‘s fashion, home, travel, kids, and more. New Boutiques open at 11AM ET and stay open for just 48 hours.  Right now you can click here and join for free. A few members have revealed they received $25 gift cards after joining, I actually received a $10.00 gift card which was a nice bonus.
Mantry October 2014: GQ How To Entertain in Style

I purchased this subscription as part of my husband’s birthday gifts from the What About Daddy?  Birthday Part 3 post.  Feel free to click on the link and read.

Item One:  Creminelli Whiskey Salami ($14)


–Creminelli is from a family with 400 years of sausage making prowess.  The guys at Creminelli marinate heritage pork in High West’s spicy-sweet Son of Bourye bourbon-rye blend.  My husband almost ate this in one sitting.  It has a great taste and we both would purchase this again.

Item Two:  Bees Knees Food Co. ($4)

IMG_0533_1–These Chipotle Lime peanuts have a powerful spicy punch.  They were not for me but my husband loved them.  They are great appetizers for individuals that love heat.

Item Three:  Dude, Sweet Chocolate ($12)


–Okay, so this chocolate log threw me.  I ate a piece before I read the insert and I thought it was going to be sausage with chocolate notes.  Instead I found this is a decadent roll of dried figs and dates in dark French chocolate and almond marzipan.  It is not something I would normally buy, but it was fun to try.

Item Four:  Bittermilk Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned ($15)

IMG_0529_1–My husband surprised me with a drink when I came home from work.  I was given bourbon as a gift last year so we just happened to have some on hand.  It was a lovely drink and in a strange way it reminded me of root beer (there is chicona bark in the ingredient list).  The insert is probably the best, and prettiest insert I have seen in any subscription service, and it just happens to come with a recipe for “Gold Rush” Cocktail.

My husband’s version of the “Gold Rush” cocktail.

Item Five:  Savannah Bee Co.  Raw Honeycomb ($15)IMG_0531_1–Take 550 bees and 2 million flower blossoms and you get this:  a gleaming golden ingot of pure Georgia honey, nothing added–not even air, since it’s still sealed wax-tight in the comb.  You can use this in the Gold Rush Cocktail recipe and Mantry also recommends drizzling over your favorite cheeses.  We made the cocktail recipe and it is fantastic.

Item Six:  Beer Flats Porter Crackers ($7)

IMG_0537_1–My husband really enjoyed these crackers, I thought they were just okay.  The story is really interesting behind their recipe.  They use a process that has been in practice since 4000 BC.  A rich malty brew gives these crisp enough strength to support serious slabs of sausage.

–My husband really loved his Mantry but he has some other subscriptions he wants to continue first.  The price is a little high for us, but you do get more than you paid for, especially if you consider the crate, which is just fantastic, and the fact that you would have to pay separate shipping if you ordered each of these items on your own. I also feel the items paired together in such an exquisite way. For me, this subscription was about so much more than just money, since I was able to spend a really lovely evening with my husband sipping cocktails and just talking while the kids slept…that is priceless.


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