FabKids April 2016 Girls Review

B rocking her Ikat outfit.  I love how excited she gets over clothes 🙂 She picked this out herself.

Cost:  $29.95 per outfit/monthly (but can skip any month by the 5th)
Shipping: US
Coupon: Click HERE to receive a buy one outfit get one free, a 50% discount.  Upon acceptance, this will begin a monthly subscription and you must skip by the 5th of each month on your page to not be charged. If charged, you can use the credit to purchase an outfit or item at any time. To cancel you must call FabKids.  I have done it in the past for another “Fab” subscription and it really was not a big deal, although I would prefer to just pause or cancel online.

Disclosure:  This post contains a referral link to Fabkids.



–     I am not going to lie, at first I thought FabKids may be a bit overpriced.  After subscribing for a bit I have changed my mind and I will explain why. First, for those of you that are new to FabKids, each month FabKids gives subscribers adorable outfit, shoe and accessory choices for either boys or girls.  You always know when your items have arrived because they have the brightest packaging I have ever seen…pink for girls and a dark blue for boys.  One other feature that I have come to appreciate is the sales that they regularly offer.  Some months they offer buy one get one free, or buy one get one 50% off.  They also offer a points system, the more you buy, write reviews and refer, the more discounted or free items   You can see a past Back to School Review by clicking HERE or even more by looking at my list above.  

Item One: Ikat Henley Romper  and Metallic Heart Flip Flop ($29.95)


Although our big move to New York is coming fast, right now in the South it is hot and time for summer clothing.  My favorite time to use my FabKid subscription is during the holidays (there is a holiday dress shop) and during the spring to purchase summer outfits.  You can see a past July review by clicking here.


–    I think a romper and flip flops for under $30 is not a bad deal.  She gets quite a bit of wear out of her outfits and I really love how cute she looks.



Item Two:  Love Tutu Dress  and Fab Cheetah Legging  ($29.95)



–    B looks so cute in this outfit.  She has her Kindergarten ride along in June and I thought this outfit with the shoes below will be perfect.  I will try to get a picture of her up in it sometime over the next day or two. These pictures for now are from the FabKids site.

Item Three:  Fab Leopard Slip On  (Points Bonus)

–     These shoes were free through the points award system. We have purchased slip-ons in the past and B loves them.  I was really surprised how long these shoes last.  We had the pink glitter ones that are still on the site.  After awhile the white at the bottoms will get dirty but  not without a lot of wear. I actually was not going to get the cheetah outfit above at first, but then I thought, why not, they will look great with the shoes-and it does!

 Bonus Item:  Redbook Magazine Subscription (Free)

–     Each month that I purchase an outfit, I also receive a free magazine subscription.  So far I have Vogue, Rachel Ray, Living and a few others.


Overall Value:  FabKids tends to have coupons that take amounts off certain spending amounts.  I do not purchase outfits every month, in fact I skip several.  I try to find the best deals and what B falls in love with.  In December I bought a dress, tights and boots from the Holiday Shop.  It was one of the cutest outfits I have put on my daughter and she was so proud.  For me, that is everything.  Let me know what you think and don’t forget if you click here and use my invitation, you can get a buy one get one free deal at sign up.

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