It’s Been Awhile

The summer of the Pokemon invasion.


–      Hello! Long time no type.  I am happy to report all is well for the quality gang.  We are enjoying our summer and had a very eventful move across the US.  Going from the South to the North is always an adventure, but I have to say hands down, this was the best thing we could do for our family.  We found our new home, my husband is now working full-time again and I am focused on getting all the services set up for our son.

The July Ivy Kids Kit was amazing!  Perfect for all of those Finding Dory Lovers.  

–      I have fallen off the review wagon a bit.  Not for lack of trying new awesome things with the kids but, more just a timing factor.  I will try to be more present in the future.  As for now, B and I decided to go short with our hair for the summer (huge move for me), we are starting to move into our new home tomorrow, getting ready to go camping this upcoming week and find ourselves surrounded by teenagers and college students regularly.  Life is good.  Oh, and lets just say Pokemon have come to stay and we are walking a lot more, lol.




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