—Last night was our annual Fall Festival and it was a blast.  After weeks of preparation, it actually went off pretty well but it was a busy time. Today I am completely wiped and looking forward to a stress-free Saturday.  I wanted to share a few of the fun highlights with you all especially since I did not get to do my normal Friday Reflections.

B’s Dorothy Cosutme

My B loving her Dorothy costume.

—I am so lucky to have a wonderful friend that creates gorgeous costumes for me each year.  My 2-year-old was the scarecrow, but he is still not quite up to pictures yet after his bout with pneumonia.  I will definitely get some scarecrow pics on Halloween.  We have so much fun with choosing our costume themes each year and are already planning next years costumes. lol.  I think the costume creations are such a wonderful way to create childhood memories, and it is not that expensive to have the costumes made.  I pay about what is equivalent to store bought costumes and I am just very very lucky to have my friend.  All I have to do is look at B’s face and I know this is such a special tradition in our household.

My advisory groups Nightmare before Christmas pumpkin.

—I sponsor the Anime Club and Coach and sponsor the Speech and Debate team at my school.  So every year we set up booths and run the Costume Costume.  What a great way to  celebrate October in style.  My husband and little ones come and we have a really great time.  I love feeling like I am part of a community and it is events like this where I get to see the best in everyone.

Some of our costume contest competitors.
Turtle pumpkins!

—After cleaning I arrived home a little before ten to this lovely surprise.

Mantry October 2014

—I was given such a treat, both little ones were asleep.  My husband had received his October Mantry (part of his Birthday Gift from our Birthday Series) and had made the bourbon drinks and set up a cheese plate.  I sat with him and we just talked for a long time.  It was such a lovely time; I am a very lucky lady.

I hope you all have a very special Saturday.



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