Dia & and Co. Spring Box Review 2016

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Dia & Co.
Cost:  $20 Styling fee that can be used towards purchase.
Frequency:  Subscriber chooses, monthly/quarterly etc.
Shipping:  United States/ 2 Day Shipping
This post contains a referral link to Dia&Co.

–       As I was leaving to hop on my Italy/Greece adventure, another Dia & Co. box arrived at my doorstep.  The timing was perfect especially considering what was inside. For those of you that are new to Dia & Co.  it is a newer fashion subscription service that pairs clients with a stylist.  Qualitytimes7 pays for this subscription.  What makes Dia & Co. different is that they are for ladies size 10 and up. I have written about my fashion challenges in the past and I find this subscription takes me a bit out of my normal clothing rut, trust me this is a good thing.  I am very sensitive about the way I look in clothing and I feel like this subscription has given me a chance to love what I am wearing. If you try it I hope you feel the same.  You can see some of my past reviews by clicking here for my Winter Box or going to my subscription box list at the top of my site.

–    New subscribers take a styling quiz and discuss their preferences on the phone with a stylist.  Once your stylist has a good idea regarding your preferences,  Dia & Co. sends subscribers five pieces of clothing and accessories. I have come to truly appreciate my stylists, and they always send personal notes with each box that explain how each piece could be worn and why they chose this for me specifically.  Your $20 styling fee will be applied to your first item, if you purchase all five items you receive another 20% off.


Item  One:   Taylor – Stripe Ponte Fit and Flare – $118.00



–    I was not going to keep this dress originally, mainly due to it’s price tag but then I tried it on and fell in love.  It really is flattering, and perfect for a garden or tea party.  It would also work well for a wedding.Verdict:  Kept

Item One:   Modamix – Cowl Neck Chiffon Tank – $59.00

–     When I saw this tank I immediately changed into it.  I wore it on my way to Italy on the plane.  It was a great layering piece and the color is amazing.  I had just pulled it out of the washer when I took this picture, it does need to be pulled out quickly and I would recommend washing on delicate and alone.  By far my favorite item in this month’s box.  Verdict:  Kept


-Item Three: Junarose – V-Neck Blouse – $79.00


–     I like this type of  blouse since it is light weight and tends to be very flattering.  My issue is that I have several very similar items.  This sat in the box while i was gone and became a little wrinkled, which was not the fault of Dia & Co., but rather mine.  I did return this once I came back, mainly because of my multitude of black blouses. Verdict:  Returned

Item Four: Fashion to Figure – Ruched Sweater Dress – $46.90


–     I really liked this sweater dress.  The color is earthy and it is very light.  I kept seeing it with a pair of brown leather boots and leggings.  My issue is that I don’t have the body to pull it off.  I thought maybe with a vest but that would make me too hot this time of year. Verdict:  Returned 

Item Five: BB Dakota – Patterned Peasant Blouse – $84.00


–    This is a beautiful light weight blouse but it must have something underneath it because of the plunging neckline.  I grabbed this item second and put it in my suit case.  I love layering pieces.  I wore this all over Rome with a sports bra underneath.  I don’t know if you can tell but I did have an issue with the tie.  My first washing caused it to snag and rip.  My husband is going to attempt to re-attach I am still able to wear it.  Verdict:  Kept-but be careful when washing.

Overall Value:  I went online and did a price comparison starting with the highly priced Taylor dress.  To my surprise Taylor dresses were going for around $100 on Amazon.com and they weren’t even what I would consider the quality of the dress I received.  You can see it here.  The other items seem somewhat comparable.  I know many of you are thinking, well you could get them on sale though.  Here is my issue with plus sized clothing that looks good–it sells out way to fast.  That is probably the biggest reason I will keep getting this subscription.  I have another box on the way for April but then I am going to talk to my stylist for a switch to formal clothing.  I am heading back to law this summer and will need to start wearing suit outfits again.  What do you think of Dia & Co?  Make sure to let me know if you get a box and your opinion.

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