Dia and Co. Winter Box Four Review

Dia & Co.
Cost:  $20 Styling fee that can be used towards purchase.
Frequency:  Subscriber chooses, monthly/quarterly etc.
Shipping:  United States/ 2 Day Shipping

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Hello all, this blog is getting a bit dusty as I have been living life at full speed and needed to take a break.  The next few months will be just as busy as I am getting ready to head to Italy and Greece in a few weeks and my Speech and Debate team is large and going full speed ahead this year. Despite the crazy, I am happy to drop by today and offer another Dia and Co. Review.

–    I have been very impressed so far with my stylist and outfit choices.  I really like that they leave you a note each month explaining how the pieces work together and what you would need that is not included in the box, this month I need a cami, which I already have at home.  I know I have said this in the past, but it still holds true today- Women’s fashion subscriptions in the past such as Stitch Fix and Golden Tote did not offer curvy ladies a subscription. I am grateful that this is beginning to change.  That brings me to today’s fourth Dia & Co., review (where is the third… it’s coming out soon, I am doing something a bit different) a women’s fashion subscription for sizes 10 and up.  Yes, finally a subscription for the average size woman. After four boxes I have to say I am in love with this subscription service.  I am a working middle aged mother of seven. Any time I can find a subscription that saves time for my family and offers an amazing product is such a blessing.

Note:  When you first subscribe you will take a styling quiz and arrange a phone conference to give your stylist an idea of what you are looking.  Each box requires a $20 styling fee that you can use towards what you keep, and if you keep all items you receive a 20% full box discount.

Item One:  BB Dakota – Flowy Top – $80.00


–    When I spoke with my stylist, I made sure to tell her that I am looking for comfortable piece that a teacher could wear to work.  So far she has done a fantastic job.  My items are formal enough for work but so very comfortable. The deep emerald green color of this blouse sold me on it before I even tried it on.  However, I was not expecting the middle button to pop open as soon as I put it over my head.  You can wear it with the button closed or open with a longer v opening.  I would not trust the middle button to hold in place, this requires a cami or tank.  Even with the deeper opening, I decided I loved it too much to send back.  This will be great in all seasons as it is very light and a layering piece. Verdict:  Kept

Item Two:  Zenobia – Chiffon Blouse with Center Detail – $42.00


–    When I first saw this blouse I thought there was no way I was going to keep another black blouse, but when I put it on, I was beyond impressed with how  much it flattered my not so perfect middle.  It is also very light and a nice layering piece.  You can wear this by itself as it is dark enough to not be see-through.  My picture really does not do the piece justice, the arm details is awesome. Verdict:  Kept.

Item Three:  American Rag – Skinny Jeans – $59.50


These jeans are sturdy and a nice color but they were a bit too short for me.  I have a high waste and very long legs.  If they fit better I may have kept them.  Verdict:  Returned

Item Four:  Junarose – Open 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan – $89.00


–    In the winter a cardigan is always much appreciated, especially one that is as versatile and cozy as this piece by Junarose.  I chose not to keep this piece even though I loved the thickness and it was beyond comfortable, because my shoulders are just to round to pull it off.  I think if it was in a royal blue, navy or black and white it may have looked a bit better on me.  Verdict:  Returned

Item Five:  BB Dakota – Three-quarter Sleeve Crepe Dress – $72.00

–    My last item was this BB Dakota Crepe Dress. At first glance I was not going to keep it because I thought it would look like a potato sack once on; I could not have been more wrong. It hugs in all of the right place and is so light and comfortable. Another fantastic layering piece. I put the cardigan on it as you can see in the picture above, but it just did not work. The open back is really cute. Verdict: Kept

Value:      Overall the cost of each item seems to be very much on par with what you would find in stores.  I often find several similar items at Macys online and the prices are right on par.   Dia & Co, offers subscribers a personal shopper for $20 that will get to know you and your tastes. The fact that your fee can be used towards your purchase is incredible. Also the 20% off when keeping all five items is a great deal, especially since you can choose your price range. The convenience alone, not having to shop, makes this a great subscription. The items that I did not keep just went into a pre-paid envelope that was included in my box, and back they went (you have five days to decide). I will definitely continue with this subscription.


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