Saturday Simplicity: Getting Santa Ready


–     Well it is official, I am off for the next two weeks and the holiday festivities have begun.  We are pretty low key over the holidays, family becomes our focus.

2015 Holiday Cookies

–     Today we decorated gingerbread cookies and played outside.  The weather is still pretty nice out here, a little bit brisk, but not so bad that you can not go play.  I love seeing how happy the kids are with each other.  Big A really loves his little sis, very protective and they know how to have fun.


–  Subscriptions have been amazing over the last two weeks.  I have PopSugar Must Have Holiday Men’s and Women’s Boxes , December Your Bijoux Box, December Dia and Co.  and a few others coming out this week.    My husband and I are getting ready to try the Moscow Mule Recipe that came in his box and I will share some pictures with you all when I post the review.  Hoping for a great weekend for all full of holiday fun.


popsugar holiday ladies 2015


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