Sunday Letters



Dear A:  It is a bit difficult to know what to get you from Santa since you are not very verbal.  I found myself for the first time ever having to look for presents for kids with special needs.  It is strange because to us you are just A, a little behind on talking, but our son that is so much fun and who has the best smile ever.  I wonder what other parents do?  I have found some awesome items on Amazon.  Your therapists also had great recommendations.  I was especially happy to see they have a Sensitive Santa day at our local mall for kids with sensory disorders.

File photo.
Our local mall invited kids on the autism spectrum to meet Santa before the mall opened.  The lights were dimmed and quieter music was used.


Dear B:   Someday when you have kids, I hope you read this.  Every day you ask me to call Santa, multiple times.  You have been doing this since the summer.  You see a toy you love and tell me to call him and get money.  In some ways it has been a blessing because you do not melt down if I can’t get you something, but I swear I have called Santa at least 2000 times at this point.

Dear Students:  Thank you for making this transition to Winter Break so easy.  No one is bouncing off the walls yet.

Dear Ky and Kev:  I am looking forward to seeing you guys soon, hope you rocked your finals.

The Total Money Makeover

Dear Katie:  I just sent you a copy of Dave Ramsey’s book The Total Money Makeover.  I have spent some time listening to his videos and I think that every young adult should hear or read what he has to say about saving money.  Hope you like it.

Dear Husband:  The whirlwind we call holidays is upon us.  I am looking forward to spending break home with you all.  Let the menu planning and wrapping begin!

Dear Subscription Box Companies:  I have fallen a bit behind lately due to some medical issues but I just started receiving my December boxes and they are fantastic.  I think this may be my favorite time of year for boxes.

Dear Citrus Lane:  I read the memos about you closing and yet I see your still taking new subscriptions on your site.  Is it possible you are staying in business?  I sure hope so!  I went ahead and bought a Mystery Box just in case.  You are A’s favorite box in the world.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Letters

      1. No, he is actually asleep right now. We are working on it though. We are hoping that he will get into a special school next school year and that may level him out a bit. We shall see, always an adventure 🙂 I may be out your way next year, it is my dads 70th and trying to figure out how to get everyone out there for a party. Talk to you soon.

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