New York Wedding

B rocked it as the Flower Girl Mini Bride Princess.  We practiced the day before with a basket and cotton balls.


—     Our family traveled to New York two weeks ago for my baby sister J’s wedding.  It was pretty chaotic as all of our flights were cancelled the day we were set to fly out.  The weather in the Chicago area was tumultuous but somehow we made it out the next day for a four day whirlwind adventure that ended in a beautiful wedding.

—     The flight with two children, one autistic and the other a five-year-old diva, was a bit interesting to say the least.  Overall it went well, except on our first flight into Chicago the descent was choppy. The baby vomited all over himself and mom.  This was a bit problematic as my hair and nail appointment had already had to be moved once due to the cancellations, so I was set to get off the plane and go right to the Salon.  I cleaned myself up the best I could and arrived in New York thirty minutes late for my appointment.  Luckily, I have been seeing the same stylist for twenty years.  She is Amazing, and she fit me in.  If you are ever in Williamsville, I cannot recommend Cappello’s enough.  No matter where I go in the world, no other salon ever makes me as happy.

—     Almost immediately after my appointment, we had a Bachelorette party to throw.  My sister chose the venue.  It was called the Gypsy Parlor and it is located in Buffalo. The mood when you entered the bar was completely surreal.  The inside glows a light purple and the menu included pastellilios, a family favorite. The drinks were surprisingly out of this word.  Try the Witches Brew, it is hot, steamy and amazing.  While we were there we sang karaoke and met a unique and well-mannered psychic named Kitty.  He was the highlight of my night, well the drinks too.


—    By Friday I was pretty tired but we had the wedding  rehearsal and dinner at the Roycroft.  The venue for the wedding was in East Aurora, a more rural and charming suburb outside of Buffalo at Kloc’s Grove. The wedding and the reception were both held at the same location which was very convenient.  At the rehearsal I met Mother Anne, a very direct but lovely Episcopalian Reverend.  She told my sister that the song Here Comes the Bride was not permitted because it was first used in Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream as the procession of the A**.  This was news to me, but we chose some beautiful alternative music and the ceremony was so very lovely.  I also found out I would be doing a reading and had not even started out on my Maid of Honor Speech.

12242999_10206411892029062_2516315757787728656_n—  In the end the wedding was a huge success,  I didn’t fumble on my reading and I think my toast to the Bride and Groom was satisfactory. justice.  I spoke of the day my parents first brought home my only sibling and how much I hated being an only child.  J was the light of my life then and she still is today.  Seeing her happy and starting her new adventure was truly a blessing.


My favorite picture out of them all had to be this one below, when B found her dad pre-wedding.  Looking forward to our next trip up north this summer.




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