Bluum November 2015 Choose Your Own Box Review

Disclosure:  This post contains referral or affiliate links.

Ships to US and APO/FPO addresses
Coupon:  Click Here and type GETBLUUM at checkout to receive your first box for 65% off (New customers only)/

–     I received my October box last week and the kids went crazy.  The sidewalk chalk was a big hit with both B and A (5 and 3).  I had also chose the ABC puzzle and it was great to see the kids get so excited as the put the letters in their place.  A is autistic so I always look for products that will work for him.

–     Bluum is an age appropriate subscription box for children up to age five.  You customize your box to match the age and gender of your little one. Recently Bluum has taken their subscribers advice and made some awesome changes.  Right now they are letting subscribers choose the items in their box, it looks like this may be a permanent thing and I could not be happier. Categories include books, bath time, safety, on the go, playtime and a few more.

My November choices are:

Item One: Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Binoculars (Retails $6.99

–    We are getting ready to fly to New York for my sister’s wedding in a few weeks.  I thought these would be perfect for both children to look out the airplane window, or to even get a close up of the plane at the terminal.  Sets the scene for our big adventure.

Item Two:  Jean Pierre Facial Exfoliating Scrub (5 oz Retails $29 but can get on Amazon as an Addon for $5.99)

–      I figured this would be great to pack and I appreciate Bluum offers parents a gift in each box.

Item Three:  Sock Monkey Bandages (Retail $4.95)

–      A is not going to go crazy when he sees these since he can’t play with them however, I know if he or B get hurt these sock monkey bandages will make them feel just a bit better.

Item Four:  The Big Body Book by Simon Abbott (Retail $4.00)

– I am working on body parts with both children so this will be a great way to reinforce lessons.

Value:  This is a hard box to price because of the add-on price for the exfoliator (You have to purchase $25 worth of items to get the add-on price). Also, several items were on sale on Amazon.  I think we would probably come out about even.  I would like to see a few more choices in the child play area.  They were mainly puzzles and some arts and craft projects like masks, which we already have at the house.  I will definitely give this subscription a few more months because I love that I get to customize the box.  What do you think of Bluum?  Don’t forget to Click Here and type GETBLUUM at checkout to receive your first box for 65% off (New customers only).


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