Saturday Simplicity: Fall Festival

SimplySaturday–    It has been a very fun weekend so far.  Last night we held our school’s Fall Festival and although B was to join me, she fell asleep right before we were set to go.  But I did get to take Jake, who is in his second year at the school.  I actually get to be his teacher third session, I hope we both survive that in one piece.  I am known as the really tough teacher, and I am okay with that.

Here are a few highlights using my not so awesome cell phone, time for an upgrade:

My son and friends were issued arrest warrants, I let him sit there 😉  I love that the teachers were getting arrested too.

The teachers have a chili cook off each year where the students get to judge.

Anime Club holds an annual costume contest, the costumes are usually pretty awesome.

All of our advisory groups (each teacher has one), create a pumpkin for an advisory contest.  This was ours this year, and the lovely “Blue’s Clues” below was our carver.

I cannot tell you all how much I love the fall.  The holidays make it even more spectacular. Happy early Halloween and Dia de los Muertos.


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