Citrus Lane 2-3 Year-Old Boys Box Review October 2015


Disclosure:  This post contains a referral link to Citrus Lane.

Citrus Lane
Cost:  $29 monthly/less with longer subscription
Shipping:  Contiguous 48 States
Coupon: Click here to receive 40% your first box.


–    Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box that is age appropriate based on your input at sign up, and offers fun and educational toys for you and your little one.  This subscription also makes a fantastic gift for an expecting couple.  I recently gave a box to my cousin for the birth of her new baby girl and she loved it!   Every month since my son’s second birthday he has looked forward to his yellow box full of toys.  I purchased an annual subscription for A on his birthday and we have really enjoyed our Citrus Lane boxes so far.   You can see past Citrus Lane reviews by clicking HERE for another boys review or HERE for a Girls Mystery Box Review.  You can also see all of my reviews in the Subscription Box List heading.

First Look October

–      Each month Citrus Lane sends out an information pamphlet.  You can typically find coupon codes and an explanation of all your goodies.  Some months Citrus Lane also includes a surprise for mom.


My October 2015 Boys Box Included:

Item One:  Power Mask from Little Adventures (Retails $5.22 and up on Amazon depending on color choice).

Power Mask Red/Blue

–    With Halloween quickly approaching it makes sense to find a type of costume item in an October box.  We already have something very similar from our first My Pretend Place Costume box, but now we have one for each child.  I doubt A will keep this on right now for more than 20 seconds, but in the future he may like it a bit more.

Item Two:  Stencils from Mudpuppy (Retails $21.64 on Amazon)



–    Mudpuppy stencils are very high quality and a lot of fun.  After receiving our robot stencils, I now want to pick up a few others for my daughter (tea cup/princess). Normally I would have loved to receive theses in a box, however my son is a little young for stencils at this time.  My daughter B however, enjoyed them and I was introduced to a new brand/product, so in a way it was a win for us.

Item Three:  Vehicle from Automoblox (Berlinetta Version Retails 12.00 )

–    By far my sons favorite item in this box, Vehicle by Automoblox is actually a popular brand with a great, sturdy product.  I had never heard of them and was very surprised as I looked up prices on Amazon.  Amazon and Citrus Lane differed in retail by 99 cents with Amazon being cheaper, but interesting enough prices went all the way into the hundreds for different versions.

Here is a picture of the Sedan version which retails for $44 dollars on Amazon.

Item Four:  Basil Dish Soap from Mrs. Myers (Deluxe Sample)

–     We received this in Basil, I am not sure what scent variations actually went out.  It is a pretty small sample but I love Mrs. Meyers so it is a win.

Bonus Item:  Subscriber Perk from Groove Book

IMG_4720–     Groove Book is a new app that takes your precious everyday moments you’ve captured on your phone and makes them into your very own keepsake book.  For $2.99 a month, youll get a new book in the mail every month.  This card offers subscribers a  2 month free trial, and although I have not used it yet, my guess is you will have to put in your credit card.

Value:  At first glance, this month’s box did not impress me that much. As I researched the products I realized this box had high value of around $40 dollars, this is more than double what I pay monthly with an annual subscription. The Stencils are not something my son can do at this time and the dish soap just seemed like such a small item, but I am happy that B will get use out of the products that A cannot.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Mrs. Meyers cleaners and it will go to good use as well. I did not review last month’s box because one of my items was replaced with an item for a child that was four and up and presented was a choking hazard for my then two-year old.  I contacted Citrus Lane and they immediately sent out the drum that was supposed to be included instead of the older toy with apologies.  They really do have great customer service and respond quickly. I have mentioned on this site that my son has mild to mediate autism, so I am unsure how much of an impact that has on his ability to play with certain toys, although I do not think that B could use stencils at 2 going on 3.  I think this was my least favorite box in a year of boxes, only because A could not use most of the items.  Overall my boxes have been very high value and are pretty consistent in quality. We look forward to our boxes every month.

What do you think of Citrus Lane? Remember you can click here and receive 40% off your first purchase.


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