Sunday Letters 10/18

SundayDear B:  I had so much fun making applesauce and playing smash the apples.  What a fun way to start learning how to write numbers.

Hot Tamale Apple Sauce-while cooking.

Dear Husband:  Today was fantastic.  It felt so good to dress up and go to the Opera.  Date nights are incredible with you.

Dear Kevin:  You leave in two hours and head back to college, I am going to miss you terribly.  Hope you loved your cookies.

Dear Jake:  You were babysitter extraordinaire today 🙂

Dear Katie:  So proud of you on receiving your new nursing license and getting a new job!  I can’t wait to see you next month.

Dear Jessica:  Your wedding is in a few weeks and I am counting down the days until I get to see all of you, even if I do have to fly in an airplane to get there.

Dear New York:  You are already snowing!  Please have some of the white stuff while we are there next month, the kids would love it.

My Godmother’s backyard ❤

Dear Fall Festival:  I have a booth to put together for you by Friday.  Here is hoping I have volunteers to work it.

Dear Leslie Sansone:  I forgot how much I love your videos and I really do Walk Away the Pounds when I do them…thank you!


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