Thursday Thoughts on Balance

–      I ran across a quote this week which I will share below, but the gist of the passage is that time matters, quality of life matters.  The last several weeks have been some of the most stressful times in my life, yet somehow I have held my head high and found solutions to some very difficult problems.  One thing became clear in all of this, I had to start taking better care of me and create a balance between responsibilities and taking time to live.

–       As mothers, wives, girlfriends, parents, husbands, fathers, whatever your status, it is easy to fall into that do for others trap.  I often find myself working all day at the high school and then coming home to needy young children and more lessons to teach (we are doing a hybrid of homeschool/montessori/tudors for my just turned five year-old.  My lunch breaks are either monitoring or helping students or calling around for doctors, dentist appointments or balancing my checkbook.  If you read this blog, you will notice I am writing a bit less the last few weeks.  My life is busy. I thought I was finding more balance.  If you are paying close attention, even in this article you can see the beginnings of a clear pattern. I am finding balance meeting everyones needs but mine.  Something tells me based on my observations, that as the world becomes more technologically advanced, there never seems to be enough time. Many of us need a bit of balance so our lives don’t pass us by too quickly.

The quote that started this thought.

–    Here is the thing though, I love teaching, I love my husband and kids, they bring me so much joy.  In the hectic there is so much love and gratitude.  That every day “must get done list” is just something that has to happen.  So I decided that what I am searching for is just more time to help me expand as a person.  Moving a bit away from teaching and familial responsibilities.  I have wanderlust like you would not believe and sometimes I just want the familiar, the cozy, something simple.   So this morning I resolved three things:

  • First, once a week I will try to do one thing that is fun and meaningful.  That may be making homemade applesauce and carving pumpkins with my daughter, or going to the Opera with my husband, or many number of things.
  • Second, I also resolved that I would do one thing a week that would enrich who I am.  I may start playing piano again, take another photography class or finish learning French, or spruce up my  Spanish.  I am also thinking long term.  I especially want to satisfy that wanderlust and begin to prepare for Italy/Greece in March. and Japan the following year.  A less expensive activity  that anyone can do under this prong  is choose one personal development book and give yourself 15 minutes a day to journal, sip your coffee or tea, and consider the possibilities.

–    The last resolution I believe is the hardest.  It requires one to recognize that physical, emotional and financial health of the individual must be a top priority.  My mother always tells me “If you do not have your health, you will not be the best you can be to yourself or others.” I believe this is true, and yet many of us have a hard time saying no and overextend ourselves on so many levels.

  • For my last goal, I plan to do one thing a day that takes care of me as an individual.  At least one, more would be great.  That may mean setting up a workout plan, right now I have an injury but I am still walking 3 miles five times a week.  It could be a better meal plan, prepping wholesome foods on the weekend.  This will vary based on your needs but, the sky is the limit; everything from calling that bill collector, paying off debts, to seeking counseling if you may need it. What about listening to your heart and its deepest desires?  Can those desires be accomplished, can you take steps to work towards your own happiness?  This is not selfish, this is your life.

As time keeps ticking, what are you doing so that at the end you have no regrets?



3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts on Balance

  1. Organization is key, I work part-time from my home office so I do not have to leave my home. I have help with children off to school-I am not running around like a chicken with my head cut off J-set days for laundry, grocery, specialty shopping and the like. I cook and bake and do freezer foods every day in between tending gardens, inground pool, housekeeping, helping with payroll weekly (hubs) bi-monthly (Father), yet I find time to soak in the tub, take a swim, walk the beach at sunset, sit on my Lanai with a smoothie in hand. You Mother is right on if you do not have your health you do not have a lot to help others! I am not a big shopper (like the Malls, etc.), I dislike Spa’s with a passion, do not like mani or ped’s I do it myself. To de-stress I go to my Veranda and stare at my Ocean whatever, if anything, is bothering me is simply washed away like the tides each day. I have balance but it took years to get to it. Everyone with a large family has issues and time is of the essence. There has to be priorities and consistency in ones life to maintain a proper balance. Good Luck as you seek and obtain yours-I know you will. Cheryl.

    1. How I would love to be able to stare at the ocean 🙂 My husband is a stay at home dad right now because of all the therapy appointments, so the house is okay. Kids just keep you busy. I have no family near by so it makes it difficult sometimes.

      1. Well…Jenny know that I never take my life for granted nor lifestyle. My hubs owns 2 businesses that keep him hopping! We just came home from 4 glorious days on our boat in the US Virgin Islands-now to me I would just as well stay at my home however, he needs the time away and he honestly feels with 5 children I need it too. In actuality I do not they’re my life without them there is no purpose. Yes, I am lucky my family (extended) are all within 45 minutes. My parents are hands on grandparents as are my Hubs parents. My oldest brother Nick is closest to my 5 children but they love all their Uncles and Aunts and cousins. They is no family issues of jealously, et cetera everyone gets along and would help at a moments notice for that I am blessed. Stay focused and organized you’ll always do the right thing! Cheryl

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