Saturday Simplicity and the Unexpected

SimplySaturday–    Yesterday was quite possibly the most unexpected day I have ever had in my entire life.  The plan was simple, I would go to work and at about 2:10 leave early to take B to Frozen on Ice for her birthday with coverage of my classroom by a friend.  During a lunch meeting, my principal comes in to tell me that a US Senator was coming to give our school the Department of Educations Blue Ribbon Award and he had asked to meet with my government class or my speech and debate class.  I had an hour and a half to prepare.  Even worse, the news cameras were going to be there and it was dress down day.  But the worst, it meant I may not be able to get B to Frozen on Ice.  I was not going to leave while a US Senator who was giving our school an award for excellence was there.

12034434_910007292417216_9035039723142180800_o–     I found the timing ironic since I had just posted my Thursday Thoughts on the people in OK paying attention and more actively participating in government.  My students could not have made me prouder, unprepared they asked questions about the national debt and deficit, capital punishment and immigration.  In the end I raced home about 20 minutes late, my husband had our daughter ready to go, and we raced to the Expo Center.  Unfortunately the County Fair was going on at the same time and we had to park a good half mile to a mile away.


–    B broke her clavicle Monday morning at about 4 AM.  It was a tough week.  She rolled off the couch while sleeping, that was it! She bent her collar bone and it caused a small fracture.  She has a sling but the prognosis is very good.  Getting her into her Anna outfit could not have been easy.  Walking quickly with her for almost a mile so we wouldn’t miss the show, even worse.  I literally just scooped her up and got one heck of a workout.  We made it to our seats about a minute after the show started.  Every second was worth it.

Happy 5th Birthday B 🙂

–     As I get older I often wonder if I can keep up this pace.  My days are an endless adventure full of to-do lists and emotional roller coaster rides.  Readers know they only get a piece of me here.  I would never bore you or assume you want to know all the details.  I do however want you all to know that my life is full of happiness and sadness just like everyone else.  We are all on this crazy human journey together, full of imperfections and laughs.  I choose to take it one day at a time.



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