Sunday Letters


Dear Katie:  Congratulations on receiving your Nursing Certification and being Valedictorian of your class.  Very proud mother here.  Missing you.

Dear Parents:  I met with many of you this week during Parent Teacher Conferences and I have to say you all are wonderful.  Any parent that supports teachers and students rocks in my book.  There was just a different vibe this year and it makes me look forward to working with you all.

Dear Husband:  I hope you had a great birthday.  I swear I hit the jackpot with you.  Our daughter loves surprise egg videos, so you make her one for her birthday.  She really is a daddy’s girl.  I know it is not done, but I had to share.

Photo Credit: Raimon H.

Dear Ky and Kev:  I am so happy that you made it up this weekend.  Missing you all terribly.  Very proud of the hard working young men you have become.

Dear Birthday Princess B:  Five!  How did that happen?  Looking forward to this weeks adventures.

Dear Subscription Boxes:  This was a weird two weeks for us.  I received four boxes with problems, that is unheard of!  I am grateful for customer service that cares.  I am not so happy with my Post Office and I will be saying something.

Dear A:  Your Occupational and Speech therapies are making all the difference.  You woke up this morning and said Hi to everyone.  I almost cried.  These last few weeks have just been one improvement after another.  You are smiling so much now….so grateful.


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