Saturday Simplicity

SimplySaturday–    This week both B and my husband had birthdays.  When you have a large family birthdays become very important.  They are the one day each year that it is all about the specific person, not their siblings.  After a long week at work that included Parent Teacher Conferences, I had a half day yesterday.  This was perfect since it was B’s birthday.  We went and picked up her new doll house and set it up.  She was so happy, and kept singing Best Day Ever.

IMG_4128-2–    I had been planing on spending close to $200 on a doll house from Amazon, but my husband ran into this one for $80 at Sam’s Club.  It took about two hours for my husband to set up. He did such a great job.  I had to snap a picture of him because some day I hope to have many photos that remind our kids how much he truly goes above and beyond.  The dollhouse was her big present but we are also taking B to Frozen on Ice this week.  I am still trying to get over the price of the tickets.  I have an Anna crown and dress ready to go. Our birthday mother-daughter/or son dates mean a lot to me.  I hope my kids feel very special.

Super Dad!

–     I am ever so impressed with this month’s Cupcake Dazzle Box. So far we have made two of the recipes, the campfire smores and woodland cupcakes.  I never knew how easy it could be to decorate, one just needs the right tools.  I plan to make several of these recipes for my daughter’s classmates in the future.  I could not believe how great these smores pops tasted.


I kept wondering if she was deciding whether or not to eat the bunny.

–      My sons are coming home this weekend and I could not be happier. They are doing well in college, but I miss them terribly.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!



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