Kloverbox Kids “Back to School” Limited Edition Box Review

kloverbox kids back to school fullKloverbox
Cost:  $25 monthly/ $50 Limited Edition Kids Box-Sold Out
Shipping:  United States (Including Hawaii and Alaska and APO’s)
Coupon: Use coupon code at checkout QT710 to save 10% off your first box.

Ships USPS Priority Mail

–     Kloverbox sends out premium organic products for health, fitness and convenience.  This review is for their now sold out limited edition Kids “Back to School” box.  At checkout they asked you for your child’s gender, name and age to help them better curate an age appropriate box, so boxes will vary.  I purchased this box for “B”/Baileigh my four-year-old who started Preschool.  I do not usually like to put her name out there but it is kind of hard when many of the subscriptions send out wonderful personalized products.

Item One:  Two Snuppet Snack Puppet (Retail $20)

klover kids puppets–    These snack pouches are durable and fun.  We have many snack pouches, but none that double as puppets.  Despite all the good, I am having a hard time using them because if you hold them right side up the opening is on the bottom.  The velcro closure is very, very good and tight; I think it is just something a bit out of the ordinary for me.

Item Two: STATE Clinton Pencil Case ($20)

IMG_3707–     As soon as I took this pencil case out of the box I noticed that it was great quality.  My daughter is a little young for such a nice case so I decided to save it for when she is a bit older.  I had never heard of STATE before so I checked out their website.  I am really impressed, for every bag they sell,  they also donate a bag to a child in need.

Item Three:  Spark & Spark Waterproof Labels ($22/48 labels)

IMG_3706–     I was so surprised to see Baileigh’s name on these labels. Her spelling is unique and rarely found.  I am betting they custom made these labels to fit the orders.  An even bigger surprise was finding that you get several pages.  Between dancing, gymnastics and so many other out of the house activities, these labels will be used.  I think these were actually my favorite item in the box.

Item Four:  Real Kid’s Shades ($12.95)

kloverkids sunglasses–   These glasses fit B perfectly and they are very well made.  I have no doubt that they will be dropped, and I think they will withstand it.  I really like that they can clip on her backpack.

Item Five:  Zoe Organics Breathe Balm ($14) 

IMG_3713–   I know this box is for B but I have been using this breathing balm for about two weeks.  I have severe allergies and sinus issues.  It works so well.  I plan on buying more in the future.

Bonus Item:  Sample of Smarty Pants Vitamins and Coupon

IMG_3715–   We are huge fans of Smarty Pants, I recommend the adult vitamins.  They taste wonderful and are great for you.

Value:  Overall there was a value of close to $90 in the Kloverbox Kids Back to School Box.  I liked the labels, and I always consider it a win when I find a new product that works; in this case the breathe balm.  My one concern is that my daughter was not impressed at all.  She didn’t get excited over anything.  The pencil case was to old for her, and the puppets just were not her thing.  I felt like this box was more for me.  I think if they add some type of toy to the box in the future, it will make it more child friendly.


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