Your Bijoux Box October Spoiler

your bijoux box–     My September box was the first box in over a year that had a small issue.  One of the stones had fallen off the bracelet.  I contacted Your Bijoux Box and was pleasantly surprised when they took full responsibility.  I was reassured that the October Box is up to their normal high standards.  The spoiler looks amazing.

Our October spoiler offers a delicate chain tassel that is suspended from a stunning, gold wrapped raw amethyst stone in 18-karat gold over brass. It is flawlessly hand-made.

Shana informed subscribers that she is very excited to offer a unique piece, with stunning craftsmanship, and semi-precious stones in this month’s box.

Though, it is not a matched set, there will also be a fabulous amethyst cocktail ring!  It is my understanding that the amethyst colors can vary but will still work together.

Like you, each piece is one-of-a-kind!

Quantities are limited.



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