Monday Coffee: The Price is Right Live on Stage

Monday Coffee

–    Yesterday my husband and I waited to register for the Price is Right Live on Stage for several hours.  After we finally went through the line and received our name tag (I am scrap booking those), we took a walk downtown and found the most amazing little coffee house.  It was actually a Korean inspired cafe called All about Cha and you can see pictures of their wonderful drinks in this link.  Surprisingly the coffee was unbelievable and for about the same price as a Starbucks latte.  We purchased the caramel macchiato and fruit crepes and I would get them again.  I have to admit their deserts were beyond tempting. My husband and I are already making plans to go back.  I took some pictures of our adventure and will add them later tonight.


all about cha coffee–     The Price is Right Live on Stage was a an experience.  While we waited in line we met some of the most amazing and memorable people.  Because we were next to each other for so long we really were able to talk and get to know one another. I was shocked at how much everyone shared about their hurts, hopes and dreams.  It was wonderful to connect with people that way.  The line wrapped all the way around the center, it was huge!  I had so much fun reading every ones t-shirts and checking out their crazy bling accessories, headbands, pom poms, and so much  more.

raimon at price is right

–    In the end neither of us were called on stage, but there were a few moments where we thought we may be.  At one point they did call a Jennifer, it just was not me.  I was surprised how much dread I felt when I heard the name Jennifer.  Here I thought I would be excited.  The center was packed with over 3500 people, and even though I teach Speech and Debate, I had no wish to get up in front of that crowd.  I was hoping my husband would get called because he was so ready.

price is right line
The registration line wrapped around the building.

–     All of your favorite Price is Rights games are featured in this interactive show and you get to play right along as you shout out prices and cheer on contestants.  Plinko, Cliff Hanger, Hole in One or Two and more.  There are several chances where an audience member can win with the contestant.  There are some notable differences between the show and the stage experience.  The biggest change was that they call four contestants down every time a new game is about to begin and the final showcase is two random contestants with only one showcase.  I understand this way gives more people a chance to win.

–     My husband and I left this experience with not only an amazing new coffee house but with a desire to go to California and be a contestant.  You do get a huge rush as they are calling names.  For the two of us, this was more a throwback to our  youth because the Price is Right was a staple in both of our homes.

price is right friends
New friends

–     If you love the Price is Right, I would recommend going to the interactive performance.  It really was like a big party and we met some wonderful people.  Just the t-shirts were worth the trip.

Here is to a great week with great coffee.



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