Saturday Simplicity

SimplySaturday–     My week days are busy but Saturdays have their own to do list.  This morning B and I made breakfast.  We can get a bit creative.  Today was “Muffins with Mom” just like you see at many schools near Mother’s Day.  I think every day can be a celebration if you just tweak it a bit.  She also is working on ABC Mouse, I cannot speak highly enough of their website, we love it.  Jake is at his cross-country meet with my husband and if the weather holds we are going to work on our back yard today…it is not looking good though.  We even lost power for a short time this morning.

–  Both B and my husband have birthdays this week.  Tomorrow I am taking my husband to check off one of his bucket list wishes.  We are going to watch a live version of the Price is Right.  My husband plans to try to get on but I know that is a long shot.  When he was younger, like so many of us, he watched the Price is Right with his Grandmother.  When she passed, he told her one day he would get to the show.  I hope she smiles tomorrow wherever she is 🙂

–  I know I am writing less reviews but right now I have to slow down a bit.  The school year keeps me very busy and now with B starting Preschool and all of our therapy obligations for A, we are drowning slightly, but with as much of a sense of humor as possible.


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