Kloverbox August 2015 Detox & Diminish

august kloverbox

Cost:  $25/monthly
Shipping:  United States (Including Hawaii and Alaska and APO’s)
Coupon: Use coupon code at checkout QT710 to save 10% off your first box.

–     Kloverbox sends out premium organic products for health, fitness and convenience.  Each month you will also receive a card outlining your products.  When I signed up I was under the impression that you would receive 6-8 products each month, but this month there were four full size items and two tea bags.  I am not complaining, in terms of finds this month was incredible. My guess is the items vary month to month based on retail.

Item One:  Angel Face Botanicals Super Detox Facial Cleanser (2.3 oz /$13)


–     By far my favorite item in the box, this is a detoxifying cleanser with activated charcoal and argan oil.  It is enriched with essential oils, botanicals, vitamins and replenshing oils that will deeply clean pores of their toxin and bacteria.

Item Two:  Jacq’s Organic Fancy Detox Cleansing Bar (3 oz/$6)

kl detox soap–     While the Angel Face Cleanser is for the face, this Detox Cleansing Bar is for the rest of your body.  Key ingredients include Haitian castor oil, activated bamoo charcoal and coconut oil, that house the bits of olive oil and rose clay confetti soap in the center.  Kloverbox sent this bar to unclog pores, remove deeper impurities and dead skin cells.

Item Three:  Mychelle Dermaceuticals Wrinkle Spot Treatment (.27 oz/ $38.50)

wrinkle kloverbox

–     Mychelle Dermaceuticals offers subscribers a potent wrinkle diminishing formula that combines a peptide trio for targeted smoothing and firming.  Leuphasyl ®, Inyline and Argireline have been proven through independent studies to reduce wrinkles and plump troublesome areas.  I could not believe how cool this felt going on.  Here is a look at the ball applicator.


Item Four:  Bedrock and Bloom Smart Ash (1g/ $3)



–     Bedrock and Bloom Smart Ash is an all natural tooth whitening powder that is good for your teeth.  It is a bit messy and it is strange putting grey all over your teeth but it works great.  It does not taste very good though, rinse thoroughly.

Bonus Item:  Traditional Medicinals Organic Herbal Tea Supplement Samples


Kloverbox sent this organic tea in EveryDay Detox and Roasted Dandelion Root.  I unfortunately cannot drink many teas because of allergies so I will have to send this to another tea drinker.  I did think it rounded out the box well.

Value:  Overall I think this was another fantastic month for Kloverbox.  The retail value using their prices is over $60.  What impressed me the most is that I am walking away with three items that I will most likely buy again, the cleanser, wrinkle remover and tooth whitener.  I am a huge fan at this point and I am looking forward to receiving my Back to School Box.  I specified Preschool Girl.


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