Cupcake Dazzle August 2015 Box Review


Cupcake Dazzle
Shipping:  United States
Cost:  $28.95 monthly/$25 for 6 months in advance
Coupon: Use coupon code QUALITY5 at checkout to receive $5 off your first box.

cupcake box

box opening

–     Cupcake Dazzle is a monthly subscription box where you receive everything you need to decorate sweet treats.  If you love to bake and decorate, this box is for you.  I think this would make an awesome gift for the baker in your life.

cupcake dazzle first look

–     Cupcake Dazzle was started by a young woman who has a love for baking and decorating.  Her mother owned a cake and candy supply shop and has been part of the industry for over 35 years.  They now both own a small cake and candy supply shop located in Southern PA.

baileigh cupcake cone
This may just have been B’s favorite review ever.


The August Theme:  Ice Cream

all items but book cd aug
August Box Contents

IMG_3028cupcake book

–     For our first project we made the ice cream cone cupcakes…twice.  I was surprised how much you still needed to buy to get the cupcakes done.  We purchased Betty Crocker cake mix, regular cones and everything you needed for the cupcake base (oil, eggs).  You also needed to buy your frosting ingredients, powdered sugar, vanilla, crisco, etc. The temperature outside was over 100 degrees so the frosting was almost melting as we put it on.  Also, on the first attempt we put the batter on the cones and then flipped it into the lined pan.  The cupcakes came out in all directions.  We cut them down to size and worked with what we had.

first attempt cupdaz fail

finished first cupcake
One of our finished first attempt cupcakes.

–     Before our second attempt I contacted Cupcake Dazzle to discuss the way my cones were coming out.  They recommended putting the batter in first then the cake on top.  I appreciated the quick response, their customer service is great.

cupcake set up 2   cooked cones

–      Our second attempt came out a bit better but we still had some issues.  Also, our frosting came out too hard this time.  I just topped the cake with a bit of frosting, sprinkles and a chocolate cherry.  I also appreciated that there were cupcake rings included in the box.  We made a few non-ice cream cone cakes with the rings, which are always a huge hit.

Our second set

–     Despite some of the difficulties, the cupcakes still came out pretty cute and the kids loved them.  I did have an issue in terms of how to hold them in place.  I grabbed a popover pan to hold them upright and then served.  Cupcake Dazzle also sent out a second recipe for ice cream shortbread cookies.  I think the cookie cutters are adorable and I have always wanted to work with decorative frosting on cookies.  In order to help those new to decorating cookies, Cupcake Dazzle has put up a video that helps walk their subscribers through the process.  You can see the video here or on their Face Book page.

Value:  We had a great time with this box and we still plan on making the cookies in a few weeks as the temperature goes down.  I could not do a cost breakdown for my box, but if you look at everything included it seems to hit its mark.  My only request would be to send out an email before people receive their boxes with an ingredient list.  B was way too excited when we first received the box.  This way I would be ready to go. The customer service is great and the box definitely enhances quality time.  Remember you can click here and use QUALITY5 to receive $5 off your first box at checkout.


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