Sunday Letters 8/30/15

SundayDear Teachers:  I wanted to say thank you. The start of the school year is definitely an exciting time but it is also very intense.  For so many years I had no idea how much more I should have been supporting you.  You learn so much once you are in the trenches.

Dear Husband:  I have to figure out a way to whisk you away for your birthday this year.  We need a date night…soon.  What an amazing dad you are, even on your worst days.  I probably need to say that more.

Dear House of Cards (Netflix):  You really freak me out a bit but I can’t stop watching.

Dear A:  What an adventure you are every day.  You keep us on our toes.  Every time you have a victory we feel it so deeply.

Dear Kyle and Kev: Kev, you said something so wise the other night on the phone.  You said your classes are not too hard (good!) but you also said they are expensive.  Kyle you are doing everything you can to ensure you come out of college with no debt or as little debt as possible, Kev is quickly following suit.  I am so proud of you both.  I know this can’t be easy.  PS:  Come home this weekend!

Dear B:  Your My Little Pony addiction is adorable but please don’t forget about Frozen.  I spent way too much money on Frozen on Ice for you!

Dear Katie:  Bridal dress shopping is so much fun, but now we need to come up with all the money.  We still have a Bachlorette party to plan.

Dear Jessica:  You will make a gorgeous bride.  It is exciting to have all the girls in the wedding!


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