Citrus Lane August 2015 Boys Box Review

cl julyCitrus Lane
Cost:  $29 monthly/less with longer subscription
Shipping:  Contiguous 48 States
Coupon: Citrus Lane is offering 40% your first box.  Click HERE and type DINO or Owl to receive a free SKIP HOP Straw Bottle.

–    Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box that is age appropriate based on your input and offers fun and educational toys for you and your little one.  This subscription also makes a fantastic gift for an expecting couple.  I recently gave a box to my cousin for the birth of her new baby girl and she loved it!   Every month since my son’s second birthday he has looked forward to his yellow box full of toys.  I purchased an annual subscription for A on his birthday and we have really enjoyed our Citrus Lane boxes so far.   You can see past Citrus Lane Reviews by clicking HERE for another boys review or HERE for a Girls Mystery Box Review.  You can also see all of my reviews in the Subscription Box List heading.

cl aug first look
First Look

–      Each month Citrus Lane sends out an information pamphlet.  You can typically find coupon codes on it and an explanation of all your goodies.  Some months Citrus Lane also includes a surprise for mom.

cl aug insert

My August Box included:

cl august fishItem One:  Janod Sardine Fishing Game ($15) *Choking Hazard Alert

–     I waited to put up this month’s review because there was an issue with this product.  Choking complaints were filed due to two magnetic worms opening.  I actually did not receive, or I somehow missed the email that went out to subscribers alerting them of the hazard.  I did receive an email stating that Citrus Lane plans to send anyone that received the Sardine Fishing Game a bonus product in next months box. I am frustrated because this game is awesome and my kids love it.  The fish are wooden and gorgeous and it is so much fun picking the pieces up with the magnetic worm.  Ours did break apart a few times but I was there to immediately put the pieces back together.

Item Two:  Petit Collage 36 piece puzzle ($15)

cl aug puzzle–    My son is only 2 so I am not sure why he is receiving a 3+ puzzle.  He most likely will love it down the road.  B is four and she is putting these types of puzzles together.  A’s birthday is in a few months so maybe this is just CL thinking ahead.  The puzzle is constructed well and is something that I would pick up for the kids. I did estimate on the price, since it is difficult to find.

Item Three:  Bumkins “Superhero” Sandwich Bag ($5)

cl aug batman bag

–     Each month Citrus Lane lets you pick one of your box items.  This month we were able to choose the superhero sandwich bag of our choice.  Our family love Batman so this was an easy decision.  These bags are great for doctor appointments, park visits and so much more.

Item Four:  Good 2 Grow Juicy Water in Grape ($2)

cl aug drink–     Wow this water is great, both kids shared and were thrilled.  Good 2 Grow has  No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. No sugar is added and it is BPA free. Their juice and water is Non GMO and USDA organic, also certified by OTCO.

Bonus Item:  40% off an annual subscription to A Gathered Table.   This is not something I would use, but I wanted to mention a code was included.

Value:  We really loved this months box, and it had almost a forty dollar value.  Considering I purchase an annual subscription, the value is consistently there each month.  My kids enjoy Citrus Lane and I really like being introduced to healthy, fun and educational products each month. I will be purchasing another year for my sons third birthday.


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