Friday in Review

It's FridayThis week was memorable because:

  •    I survived Thursday!  Professional Development, class, student lunch, Anime Club meeting, Italy/Greece Parent Meeting and Back to School Night wrapped up in one day……crazy, but a little fun.
  • I think the size of my debate team is going to double this year…help me!
  • We have Frozen on Ice Tickets for B’s birthday.  I can’t wait to take her.
  • Kev began college classes, very proud mom here.
  • A’s audiologist appointment came back fantastic, some days I feel like I have this together.
  • The kids had eight appointments this week and dad made everything except he forgot to take B to dancing.  That is okay, we will make it up another day.  He is surviving on very little sleep thanks to crazy insomniac kids.
  • I tried a week of paleo meals.  I will have a second week delivered on Sunday 🙂
  • I just have to say thank you a billion times for all those in the coffee industry.

I have a crazy amount of reviews coming your way this weekend and a giveaway.  Just need to catch my breath first.




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