Sunday Letters

SundayDear B:  It only took three years, but you finally love dance class.  Can’t wait to see your recital this year!

Dear Kev:  I miss you, like really miss you.  Even 2 hours away I worry, but I know your at a great school…my alma mater.

Dear Kyle:  Your new job sounds amazing!

Dear Evolve Paleo:  I cannot wait to receive my food today, it looks so healthy and delicious.  This will be the first time to try a Paleo diet.  My daughter Kate has been talking about it for years.

Dear Week:  You are going to be another long one.  Back to School Night/Anime/Speech and Debate/Italy-Greece Recruitment Thursday, which means a fourteen hour day.

Dear Amazon:  What is up with the new Kid Bundles for the Kindle?  They have no color and only  4 GB of memory.  I realize the price is low but for forty dollars more I received twice the memory, a bigger screen, and color.

Dear Husband:  Having you home this weekend is so wonderful.  Happy almost anniversary (tomorrow).


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