Monday Coffee: What do we Value?

Monday Coffee–     I originally started writing this post Sunday night.  It was filled with negativity so I stopped writing.  I was frustrated with the way people appear to make assumptions without knowing facts.  In the age of advocacy reporting, sometimes I just want to yell at people to stop believing everything they read.  There is a disconnect out there, somehow it has become easier to talk about each other instead of to one another, easier to just buy into whatever is in print.  Where have our values gone?  Are we even paying attention anymore, or are we in defense mode all the time?

–     Case in point, look at yet again another nanny scandal posted all over the media.  A marriage is falling apart and the media is inundating us with someones pain.  Is it really okay that we are celebrating an adulteress who is tipping off newspapers to get her name out there?  She may be lying, but even if not, there are three little kids and a wife involved.  Am I the only one that feels this way?


–    To truly achieve social progress we have to start caring in a way that it is not just about us being heard, we need to listen.  I get it, so many of us feel we don’t have a voice, so many have a genuine need to feel included and heard, this is not a want, it truly is a need.  The problem is that we all assume what we have to say is important, often without any true context, and really more often than not it just isn’t.  Sometimes we really have no idea what the heck we are talking about.  It will take years for us to understand and comprehend situations.  Many of us will look back and shake our heads as we think, I can’t believe I did that, or said that.


–     I really had to take a step back today.  After contemplating these thoughts I realized that I do not want to bring negativity to this blog or the lives I touch. I do not want to add  hate to an already difficult world.  I guess instead I want to say that I know what it feels like to feel judged without warrant, to feel unappreciated and misunderstood.  To be completely overwhelmed by what is happening in the world.  In the end I think this picture sums up the matter perfectly.

423915e6d737eaaf3acff9326e32ac76–     We all have worth and bring something special to the world.  It is up to us to carve out our own path.  A word of caution, your path can make the world a better place or it can be a train wreck.    People will not always say the right things, sometimes they will do things that we can’t understand and that is okay.  It is up to us to take the time to find out the why, if we cannot, there really is no room for judgement.  Sometimes people are wrong….but that is their journey, no comments are really needed.

Enjoy your Monday Coffee today and I challenge you to think about the value you bring to the world while recognizing others have their own journey.  Your worth and value is really in your own hands.



2 thoughts on “Monday Coffee: What do we Value?

  1. How true Jenny, when you are raising a large family keeping your values to the forefront with the help of extended family I never surround myself or them to negativity. I read very little social media, could careless in Hollywood who is screwing who because that’s been going on decades and will never stop. When you live in a hamster cage you just keep spinning!

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