Dia &and Co. August 2015 Review

Dia LogoDia & Co.
Cost:  $20 Styling fee that can be used towards purchase.
Frequency:  Subscriber chooses, monthly/quarterly etc.
Shipping:  United States

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dia first look
First Look:  The outside of the box was plain but I love the pop of pink as soon as I opened the box.

–    In the age of  women’s fashion subscriptions such as Stitch Fix and Golden Tote, it can often be hard for curvy ladies to find a subscription that fits, no pun intended.  That brings me to today’s review, Dia & Co., a women’s fashion subscription for sizes 10 and up.  Yes, finally a subscription for the average size woman. I actually have been stalking some You Tube videos to see unboxings and I have been pretty impressed.  I am a bit older than most of the reviewers so I think my perspective is a bit different.

Update: Click here to see my Fall Box 2 Review

–    The premise is simple, you take a style quiz, you arrange a time to have a discussion with your stylist, pay a $20 styling fee that can be used towards your purchase and choose the price amount and frequency of your boxes. If you keep all five items you receive 20% off.  Dia & Co. sends a pre-paid envelope for you to send back those items you choose not to keep.  They give you five days to decide. Dia is currently in Beta and accepting a limited amount of clients at this time, so if this is something you really want to be a part of, I would contact them asap.

dia and co letters
A note from my stylist Nadia. I appreciate that I am not just a number and she has taken time to get know me and my style. It can be pretty much summed up as New York meets the South.

–    I was fortunate enough to get paired with a phenomenal stylist, Nadia.  We arranged a time to speak but I actually missed my first phone call.  I rescheduled with no problems and felt like she really listened to what I had to say. During your style questionnaire it even asks if you have Pinterest (Style Motivation) with fashions you love, and of course I do!   My body is not very proportionate after having six kids and I need items that hide my waistline, my biggest trouble area.  I asked Nadia to send “teacher casual” and she also asked what was in my current wardrobe so she could find items to work with what I already had in my closet.  I asked for the high end of this subscription, the $400 dollar range but my items did not quite add up to that. I received five items for a bit over $300.  I never have high expectations in a first box because it takes a bit to find the right size for each body, but I was pleasantly surprised as this was a great box.  Also, I should note that if something does not fit, but you love it, Dia and Co. will happily send you another size.

Item One:  Charter Club Printed Shirt Dress ($88)

charter dress dia and co augustback of dia dress

–    My husband loved this dress and really wanted me to keep it.  Considering how hot it is in the south right now, I loved that the fabric was sturdy but light and breathable.  I could not get over how soft this dress felt.  The pattern is professional enough to wear to work, but the dress itself is comfortable enough for every day wear.  I had a c-section two years ago and unfortunately I could not pull off this dress around my waistline.  With a long cardigan I probably could make it work and it may be something I consider down the road.

close up dia dress aug
The gold buttons add a touch of class to the dress.

Verdict:  Returned due to fit. May consider this style at a later date.

Item Two:  Jessica Simpson Denim Jacket ($69)

dia jean jacket augdia back jacket august

–    Jean jackets are one of my favorite pieces to wear.  I had two concerns with this one.  First, it is too hot to wear it right now and second, it reminded me of what I used to wear in high school.  I actually returned this but I am getting ready to contact Dia and tell them I changed my mind.  As I was writing this review I put it on and my husband thought I was insane.  It fits really well and is a nice staple piece.  Verdict:  Kept

Item Three:  Lucky Brand/Long Sleeve V-Neck Keyhole Back Detail ($89.50)

dia and co crazy shirtback of dia crazy shirt

–    Lucky Brand tends to be pricey so I was not surprised by the retail of this shirt.  I am actually a big fan of this brand, especially their purses. This pattern was a little crazy for me but the style fit well.  The fabric was very light and breathable, perfect for the Southern heat.  The keyhole in the back was a nice touch.  I liked this shirt, especially since it was so light and great for layers, but I am not a big pattern person.  I asked my stylist to push my boundaries a bit, but I guess this was just a bit too much. Verdict:  Returned

Item Four:  Modamix Black and White Spotted T-shirt ($48)

dia polka dot aug–     I went back and forth about this shirt for awhile.  I really liked the fit.  It reminded me of Flash Dance and the 80’s, and in the end that may be part of the reason why I returned it.  The front is sheer which is a huge departure from what I usually wear but, I put a black tank underneath it and it looked pretty good.  The fabric was light and also a great choice for the summer heat. I could not find an online price comparison for this shirt. Verdict:  Returned

Item Five:  Style & Co Denim Mid Rise Jeggings ($59)

IMG_3232–    I found these on-sale at Macy’s down to $41, they are regularly priced $59. I have not worn jeggings for years, and boy have they come a long way. Style & Co really created these to fit and flatter. I love the color of these cloth jeans.  I washed these twice already to see if the color would fade, but so far so good.  I am keeping these because they are comfortable and versatile but I think I may need to get a tall in jeans.  I am 5’8 and all legs, very high wasted.  They could be a bit longer but they are long enough to be passable.  Verdict:  Kept

Value:  Overall the cost of each item seems to be very much on par with what you would find in stores.  Dia & Co, offers subscribers a personal shopper for $20 that will get to know you and your tastes.  The fact that your fee can be used towards your purchase is incredible.  Also the 20% off when keeping all five items is a great deal, especially since you can choose your price range. The convenience alone, not having to shop, makes this a great subscription.  The items that I did not keep just went into a pre-paid envelope that was included in my box, and back they went (you have five days to decide).  I will definitely continue with this subscription.


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