Saturday Simplicity

SimplySaturday–     Today is the first day all week that I feel I can take a second to breathe.  I began work on Monday with two professional days.  Students arrived on Wednesday to the sound of our traditional bagpipes and lots of smiling faces. All appeared well, but really I was struggling a bit.  The day before school began I received a phone call that I needed to go see my doctor asap.  Dread does not even begin to cover what a call like that does to your emotions.

–    To make a long story short, I need to go have a biopsy.  The area I was raised is known for women having thyroid issues.  I refuse to let this get to me until I hear something bad.  The good news is losing weight will not be so hard now.  If all is well I begin Synthroid to help speed things up.   So today I am getting caught up on reviews and just taking my sweet time.  Enjoying life and my family.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Also, don’t forget to enter my Dapper Box Giveaway, it ends today and your chances are pretty good.  It is a new men’s start up company and I would love to send a little support their way.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Simplicity

  1. Jenny, I have had two biopsies done on my Thyroid nodules. I have Graves Disease (which is hyper-thyroidism) I have had A Thyroid Ablation done two years ago (kill the thyroid) as opposed to being cut across the neck and having the thyroid surgically removed. To explain it I felt like I was in 5th gear every day lost an incredible amount of weight over 14 month period, had no appetite, tried anti-thyroid med (which there is only one in the US) all to no avail. The good news the nodules were benign. It had been a 4 year process of which I still see an endocrinologist routinely. I am not on any synthetic hormones yet. Yes, it is scary because the Thyroid is an important gland tied into the pituitary gland. Complicated medical anatomy. Most people are hypo-thyroid (not producing enough) my disease is maybe1 in 1,000 people have it. So, hang in it’ll be OK! Cheryl

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