Kiwi Crate “On the Lake” August 2015 Review

kiwi goldfish baileigh

Kiwi Crate
Cost: $19.99 monthly
Shipping:  United States and Canada
Coupon:  Click Here for 50% off your first month for any Kiwi Crate line box (Koala, Tinker, Kiwi and Doodle) using my referral link.  The discount is automatic after clicking, bringing your crate down to $10.00 for the first month.  This will start a subscription so you will need to cancel if you wish to discontinue.  You can also pause in your account settings.

Disclosure:  This post contains a referral link.

First look kiwi aug 2015
First Look August

–      I was secretly hoping my daughter’s Kiwi Crate would arrive today, so I was so happy when she came running in my room with her green box.  Every month around the 15th my daughter begins to scope out the mail each day and when she finally sees her crate she is just beyond happy.   She knows that this is her special green crate, and she and mom are about to have some fun.  Kiwi Crate is a once a month subscription service for kids ages 3-7 that provides themed arts and craft with a strong education experience.  This just happens to be the box that hooked me on subscriptions.  It was my first and is still one of my favorite.

goldfish suppliesboat materials kiwi aug 2015–    One of the biggest selling points for Kiwi is that it saves parents so much time developing educational crafts.  I love that I don’t have to go out and purchase a bunch of different items each month.  We also subscribe to Koala Crate most months and you can see a review for a past Kiwi Crate here or a Koala Crate here.

aug explore mag–     As an extra bonus, every month Kiwi sends you a copy of explore! magazine.  It is full of more crafts and games.  B is finally sitting down and going through this with me.  She loves the “I Spy” type games.  The August Box included two main projects.

Project One:  My Fish Lantern

kiwi goldfish

–    We had so much fun creating our fish lantern.  We just purchased Betas for our playroom so B is all about fish right now.  The fact that it lights up is always a big bonus.  My only tip is to make sure you put down your mess free mat, we had tissue paper, not really a mat or bag.  B really was into the glue a bit too much.  In the end it worked out and she was so proud.

Project Two: My Paddle Boats

kiwi boats–     These paddle boats were very simple to put together.  B did not feel like coloring so we talked about straight lines, dots and hearts.  She helped a bit with the dots and we spelled out her name.  She could not get these in the tub fast enough.  You wind them up using the rubber bands and then let them go.  She had a hard time winding without help but that did not stop her from having a blast in the tub.  She is still playing with them as I type this.

kiwi boats in tubBonus Item:  Kiwi Eraser Set

kiwi aug bonus erasers–     These erasers were a gift to subscribers as a way of saying thanks.  It was a nice bonus, especially considering it was back to school for us this week.

Value:  You can’t really do a crate cost break down since the materials are made exclusively for Kiwi Crate but, you also can’t put a dollar amount on the weekend fun my daughter and I have with this subscription.  I cannot recommend Kiwi, Koala and the other subscriptions enough.  If you sign up using my link (click here) you can receive your first box for $10. If you do not like this subscription you can skip or cancel in your account at any time.


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