Monday Coffee on Tuesday…What??

Monday Coffee–     Yesterday I had to return to work for this upcoming school year.  I sat there recognizing that there was no way I was going to get to have my Monday Coffee fix with my readers.  After getting a bit angsty, I realized that when you are a working parent you really have to think outside of the box to make things work sometimes.  The result, Monday coffee on Tuesday. But truthfully, that was the whole point of this blog, to find solutions when you are on the parenting roller coaster. You would think after seven kids I would have this down, but each child presents their own unique set of needs and demands.  I find myself constantly reevaluating my trajectory so I can parent somewhat successfully.

–    Our first two days back are professional days.   From the moment I first arrive, it hits me how much I miss being around other teachers.  My colleagues at work energize me, and overall we really have a great group at our school.  I love being in my classroom, it is my own space.  No children can be very exciting, although I am in one day about to have 300 new kids, teenagers none the less, added to my family.

–     After coming home from work to a messy house, needy kids and a Boot Camp appointment, I realized that this blog is so important, if not just for the fact that others can commiserate with me.  If you are a stay at home parent,  I have been there, and it can be lonely and under appreciated.  If you are a working parent, sometimes you feel like you can’t breathe, there is always so much to do and not enough you!   Monday Coffee on Tuesday is a reminder for me, and you, that there is always a way to live an abundant life, it just requires us to be a little creative, innovative and have faith.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Coffee on Tuesday…What??

  1. Jenny you will do fine back at school teaching and parenting. No two days are ever the same. With 5 I get it! I work part time from my home office and tend this massive home, gardens, pool, mounds of laundry, entertain, travel, know what I’d never change a thing. In college I dreamed of this life and it is real each and every morning! LOL

  2. Have a great time back at work. My son goes to year round so he started back in early July and just had his first track out. He goes back this Monday for 9 long weeks and I’m so thankful for all the teachers out there.

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