Sunday Letters


Dear Husband:  The summer has gone by too fast and I am so sad that I have to leave you all to go back to work.  It is going to be a rough year with all of the little ones appointments, but we really make one heck of a team.

Dear A:  What is up with the up all night schedule?  I put you to sleep at 7:00 this morning.  I am tired and your dad will be very tired when I go back to work since B now sleeps the night.  I do enjoy our nights together though.  Your smile is amazing.

Dear B:  I love listening to you sing, you have the prettiest little voice.  I also love the joy in your eyes as you belt out songs from Veggie Tales, Strawberry Shortcake, Frozen and My Little Ponies.  I see voice lessons in your future.

Dear Kevin:  Two more weeks until dorm move in.  I am so going to get you your favorite pie today.

Dear trainers at Boot Camp:  You all are kicking my butt.  Here is hoping it starts going away.

Dear Donald Trump:  You caused me to break a ten year streak of no political opinions on social media.  Women in the workplace should be respected.  I don’t care if Fox was picking on you, calling someone a Bimbo is never okay.  I noticed you only went after  Meghan, not the other male reporters.  I am not a huge fan of Fox, I am a huge fan of my daughters being able to enter a work force that values them and is not abusive.

Dear Jake:  Looking forward to your first Cross Country Meet.


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