Friday Week in Review

It's Friday-1 This week was memorable because:

–     It is the last week of summer vacation.  I am still trying to figure out where it all went.
–     I enrolled B in ballet and tap for the third year in a row.  Not sure if I am just a glutton for punishment.  The last two years I have taken her for a week or two and she would not do it.  Here is hoping she will now that she is almost five.
-Have you seen my Dapper Box giveaway? It is such a great box for men.  I am also anxiously awaiting boxes from POPSUGAR, Dia and Co.,  Cupcake Dazzle and a few others.
–     I found a play group for B and I am looking forward to meeting everyone today.
–    I went to Boot Camp at five in the morning two days this week.  Who would have thought?
–     I am completely ignoring the GOP debates from last night because they infuriate me.  As a government teacher I am probably going to have to suck it up and face them.
–     I am getting my hair done today and taking a huge risk.  I decided to go a dark brown to red/brown/blonde ombre.  My hair is very long so this should be interesting.  I do not know the lady doing my hair (need prayers).
– Was anyone else as shocked as I was that Target already put out another Beauty Box?  Review coming out later this week.


7 thoughts on “Friday Week in Review

    1. Actually fantastic but not without some drama, lol. She did not color the top of my head originally. She said when I asked for ombre she thought I only meant the ends. I almost panicked. My husband said I didn’t look like me but I think he likes it.

      1. Very 🙂 I think I am going to keep this hair dresser. She was younger than I had thought but overall did a nice job. The only thing I would change; I would bring the ombre up a little higher and also frame my face. Next time.

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