Giveaway Alert : Dapper Box Green Clove Box Review and Rafflecopter Link

Photo Credit: Dapper Box

Dapper Box
Cost:  $23 with annual/$29 monthly
Shipping:  United States/International add $8
Cancellation Policy:  I was very happy to see this service offers a no fuss cancel option.  Simply go to your account page to cancel and they will process it right away.
Coupon:  Click Here and use coupon code QUALITY10 at checkout to receive $10 off your first box. and Dapper box are partnering together for the next few days to give one lucky winner a FREE Dapper Box! Click Here to enter using Rafflecopter.

–     What is Dapper Box?  Every month the Dapper Box team scours the globe for the best manufacturers and brands all for an affordable monthly fee. Your box will include 4-5 Dapper Accessories to give you a unique look and style. This month’s theme is Green Clove.  Dapper Box kindly sent us this box to review.

First Look: My Dapper Box upon opening. It was missing an information card but everything looked great. I initially thought I received one cuff link, but found the other once I took all of the packaging out.

–     Once you order your first box will ship immediately and your subsequent boxes will ship on the 5th of every month thereafter. If you subscribe after the 20th of the month, your next shipment will be the month after the following.

Item One:  Lime Green Silk Tie


–    This tie is 100% silk and absolutely beautiful.  It is an unusual color but I think that is what will make it so amazing.  Especially paired with our next item.

Item Two:  Los Luchadores Cuff Links


–     My husband and I both adore these Cuff Links.  There is a local restaurant that once a month puts on Los Luchadores Fights, and it is a good time for all.  I am thinking date night, and of course my husband will look very dapper 🙂

Items Three and Four:  Colorful Dress Socks

IMG_2738–    My husband typically wears white or black socks so I was a bit surprised when he said I couldn’t steal a pair of these from him.  He really liked both styles.  You can tell these socks are very well made.  The colors are vibrant, the material is sturdy but comfortable, and they appear to be very breathable.

Items Five and Six:  Collar Stays and Das Boom Industries Everywhere Lotion

IMG_2758–    Funny story,  my husband opened the lotion, but he has a cold and could not smell it.  I grabbed it thinking since I was writing the review I should try it out.  I rubbed some on and was instantly surprised.  It smells like a man that has just smoked.  It is milder than what my husband used to smell like before he quit, but I was not prepared for it at all.  When my husband gets better he is going to love this so much.  The Collar Stays are a nice touch to finish out the box.

Value:  I could not do a price value for this box because many of these items are Dapper Box exclusives.  My husbands thinks this box is fantastic and said he would like a subscription for his birthday next month from the kids.  You really can’t beat their annual price either at just $23 a month.  Just a silk tie in the stores by our house cost more than two months of this subscription.  I am so happy to review a Mens Box, especially one that my husband actually wants to keep receiving.


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