Monday Coffee–    Coffee is brewing and boy do I need some, I went to boot camp at five in the morning!  First time for everything. On Friday my doctor told me I had something called Plantar Fasciitis and had to get inserts for my shoes.  I did get the inserts and was nervous about working out today, it went okay.  I am no longer jumping for awhile but the low impact still is a great workout. I really love Fit Body Boot Camp, if you have one in your area I highly recommend giving them a try.

–     We celebrated Jake’s 15th yesterday.  He loves Oreo Flurries so I found him an Oreo Ice Cream Cake.  We really did not do anything fancy, but it was great just spending time together.

My boys minus one ❤

–     We made homemade play doh yesterday with jello.  I am reviewing a Koala Crate later today that gave us all sorts of amazing activities to do with play doh.  They also gave us all the ingredients to make play-doh using Kool-Aid.  The Koala Crate recipe was so much easier to make than the jello play doh which required cooking.  I will share later today.  I think I need to find out where Koala Crate found their activator so I can make more.


–     Today all the boys have dentist appointments and we plan to try to get a few more days in at Big Splash this week. I am hoping to get my hair done on Friday and get ready for the school year up ahead, so bittersweet.




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