Sunday Letters



Dear Jake:  HAPPY 15th Birthday!!! You really are an amazing, intelligent, talented young man. Your shyness just makes you more adorable.  Looking forward to watching your cross country matches this season. Making pizza pastelillos for you today!

Dear B:  I love that you are using the potty like a big girl and sleeping the whole night without pull ups, however, the sink is not something you leave on after you wash your hands.  I can hear you playing in the sink as I am typing this right now.


Dear A:  You are my baby boy and I love you so very much.  I am starting to get an idea of what you are going through each day.  You seem to get overstimulated and you reach a point where you need to decompress or you get angry.  Rainbow Horse (Baby First TV) seems to solve everything with you, but the minute it turns off, omg, it is like the house is on fire.  Dad and I actually know all the words and songs at this point.

Dear  My doctor says you are giving me way too many calories each day, what is up with that?  I still love you though.

Dear Katie:  I am so glad you liked the dress I picked out for you for the wedding.  I love vintage dresses.  I know this is going to sound weird but it was so gratifying to know I knew your taste even though you are all grown

Dear whoever profits from Frozen on Ice Tickets:  There is no way these tickets should cost over $100 per person.  Come on, these are kids.

Dear Kevin:  Your leaving soon and my heart is breaking….I know its just college.

Dear Husband:  I hope you feel better soon, this house is chaos when you are out of commission.

Dear Kyle:  Weren’t you going to come home this weekend?  Missing you.

Here is to a great end to a great weekend for all!



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