Saturday Simplicity


–     It is the last week of Summer Break. I have no idea how it ended so quickly and I have to say I am a bit sad.  This week will be spent getting ready for the next school year.  I found it ironic that my Erin Condren Teacher’s Planner arrived today. It was in some ways a slap back to reality, time to get moving. I will put up a review later this week.


–     The Garage Sale began Thursday night and we just finished up today.  Now I have a bunch of items to take to Goodwill and a few that we are going to put up on Swapping Sites.  We are not rich from the sale, but we did make some money that will help with bills.  For me the biggest win was getting some clutter out of my house.  We purchased our signs and price tags from Amazon and it made everything a bit easier.

Setting up way too many books. They actually sold well, I was surprised.

–     Honestly, and sometimes it is good to be real, it has been a tough few days for us. The kids sleep schedule is still insane, although last night it looked a bit more promising. Yesterday I met with a new doctor.  My old doctor, whom I loved, her husband passed away, and she ended up quitting practice.  Her nurse practitioner recommended someone new that specialized in some of the areas that I have some concerns.  Truthfully she was fantastic.  I have to undergo many tests over the next few weeks due to  some medical problems I have had for a few years now.  Sometimes you just have to step up and put your health first, because you will not be good to anyone otherwise.  In a way, there was a lot of relief to finally talk about everything and to start moving in a better direction with treatment.  I keep asking myself where I am going to find the time for everything; the answer is I really don’t know.  I am in one day at a time mode for now.

This Saturday was very complex and yet very simple.



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