Ipsy “Summer Lovin” July 2015

Ipsy JulyThis post contains a referral link.

Cost: $10/monthly
Ships: United States and Canada
Coupon: N/A

–     Ipsy is a beauty subscription that for ten dollars a month delivers a different make-up bag like the one featured above, and five or more sample, deluxe or full-size beauty products that fit with your beauty profile (you answer a survey when you first subscribe).   Readers can see some of my past Ipsy reviews by clicking HERE or clicking my Subscription Box List above.

The July Bag:  This is a really colorful and bright bag, perfect for a Summer theme.

Item One:  Octavio Molina Hair La Playa Salt Spray (Deluxe Sample)

–    This is a cruelty-free spray infused with Algae Extract for added moisture. This spray uses the richness of the sea to create texture + volume.


  • Use it on wet hair for extra volume and texture.
  • Use it on dry hair for separation and movement.
  • Spray on the roots and blow dry for extra lift.

This smells great but I can’t use it right now because my hair is so dry from swimming.  I saw that it was selling on ebay for $2.50 plus shipping.

Item Two: AURORA Gel Effect Nail Polish in 4 Alarm Fire (Full Size $7.99)

–   Gel Effect Nail Polish is made with the pros of gel polish and regular polish. Like regular polish, it is easy and convenient to use and dries fast without a UV lamp. Like gel polish, it stays shiny and durable for up to 2 weeks. Finally, it can be easily removed with nail polish remover. Beautiful color but I really do not wear nail polish, if I did I would definitely give this one a try.  I need to look at my profile again because I thought I selected to not receive polish but I keep getting it anyways.

Item Three:  Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Lip Balm in Ruby (Full Size $14)

–     I have received be a bombshell™ in other bags/boxes before and I think you get a really great quality product for a fraction of the price.  The color was very pretty and did not stand out in a bad way.

Item Four:  Tarte Deluxe Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer (Full Size$25)

–    I am a huge Tarte fan but I don’t normally wear bronzer.  I am incredibly happy that this is full size.  This has a beautiful case, makes me wish I used it. I may give it a try.

Item Five:Vasanti Cosmetics Brighen Up! Exfoliating Cleanser (Deluxe Sample)

–    Vasanti BrightenUp! is made in Canada, 99% Natural, 100% Paraben-free, and  100% Vegan. As if that is not enough it is also cruelty-free.  I really like this cleanser, but I was already a huge Vasanti fan.  I have their sensitive skin cleanser in a huge bottle in my bathroom already.  I like this cleanser a lot though because of the exfoliators.  I will mix up the two cleanser, using this exfoliator a few times a week.

Value:  I like the Vasanti, and Be a Bombshell, but I continue to get nail polish and bronzer even though I do not wear either.  I do love Tarte make up though and the nail polish formula looks amazing, gel nails that last a long time, but that are also easy to remove!   The Octavio looks awesome, but I wont use it because my hair is so dry right now.  I am getting ready to get an Ombre coloring next week and I need to salvage what good non-chlorinated hair I have left.   Although this is not my favorite bag,  it has a huge value.  For $10 Ipsy is always a good bet.


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