Your Bijoux Box August Four Item Bonus, Coupon and Spoiler Alert

Exciting news!  I love Your Bijoux Box.  After reading all the goodies below you will probably love it too.  Even better news, you can use Coupon Code WELCOME to receive an extra sparkle for a new subscription.

You can see a past review by clicking HERE or by clicking my Subscription Box List above to see all of my reviews.

According to Your Bijoux Box…The August box will include our first 18k gold overly handmade Fair Trade piece (you’ll have to wait for your box to see it ;).

Helena Laurel Collar – Smokey grey and gold crystals give just a hint of twinkle to this stunning collar.

Coral Dots Scarf – A bonus to piece to celebrate our second year anniversary. Lightweight for Summer and large enough to be worn as a wrap or sarong. Throw it in your beach bag and you are ready for anything!

3 pieces of jewelry every month.  All you have to do is join and wait for the goodies to come to you!

Free U.S. Shipping. (+$6 to Canada)



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