Sunday Letters 7/26/15

SundayDear A:    Last night was rough!  You just don’t understand why your nose runs and it appears to offend you greatly.  We snuggled for about 12 hour straight and you are still asleep at five in the afternoon.  I hope you feel better soon.

Dear B:     What a fun time we had at Big Splash yesterday.  You make me take you to every single pool area:  Wave pool, Big diving pool, Kids area pools and the Lazy River.  I follow you around like an overprotective mom, and I always will.  I am thinking we may need to go have a tea party soon at our favorite place.

Dear FitBit Charge HR:  I love you!  After one day I know how much sleep I had, how many calories I can eat each day to lose weight and I now know I need to step up my step game (no pun intended).  If any of you do pick up one, be careful with the sizing, most people go large.  I think I may need to pick up an Aria Scale but I want to make sure they are consistently accurate first.  Anyone have one?  Thoughts?

Dear Kev:     Your birthday was way too mellow for my taste.  We are going out this week and I can’t wait.  How are you eighteen?

Heading to Aruba with 8 year-old Kev and 13 year-old Katie.

Dear Jake:  Your 15th birthday is this week!  We are in the craziness that is  six birthdays in a row in the next few months.  I can’t wait to redo your room.

Dear Ky:    I had fun talking to you and your girlfriend today.  Hoping you can make it up this way soon.  She is a keeper 🙂

Dear Husband:   Yesterday, I woke up to you holding our marriage certificate  saying this was the best decision you ever made.  Our anniversary is still a few weeks away, but I think you just made it for me.

Dear Quest Bars You make meals on the go so much easier.  I hope you really do help me on my health journey.

Dear Garage Sale:  You just may break me this week.




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