Try the World July 2015 “Argentina” Review and Coupon


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Try The World
Shipping: United States and Canada
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PostcardWebWITH–     Try The World is a bi-monthly subscription box that sends you deluxe products from around the globe chosen by an expert from the specific geographic locale. Inside each box you also receive a small booklet and an insert that gives you date night ideas and a feel for the culture.  The pamphlet and insert include  movies ideas, local music, art, and sport information.  There are also recipes and a detailed look at all of your products from that months specific country. –     My husband and I are trying to get our hands on a copy of Cronica De Un Nino Solo (Chronicles of a Boy Alone).   Although, Try the World gave us eleven movie options, this peaked our interest because it was a movie that showed an unflinching indictment of Argentina’s fascist regime through the lens of a mischievous 11- year-old boy.

Try the World Argentina Box Contents

–     Last month I received a free box and I was grateful because the reviews on this box were hit or miss.  I have to tell you, we loved our Paris Box and this Argentina box was fantastic as well.  I really appreciate their website with recipe ideas and their Argentinian guest expert from Buenos Aires Adolfo Suaya truly has great taste.  He is the host of “Latin American Foodie.

First Look:  The packaging was great.  Several glass items, no breakage.  Try the World boxes are tall and deep.


This months Argentina Box included:

Item One:  Vanoli Chimichurri Ahumado

chimichurri–    Chimichurri is a piquant sauce or marinade traditionally used on grilled meat, typically containing parsley, garlic, vinegar, olive oil, and flakes of chili pepper .  An Argentinian staple, this robust sauce is commonly served on the side as a dip for meat and vegetables during large Argentine barbecues known as asados. Arytza creates all natural seasonings and sauces, taking extra care in the selection of their ingredients. Use it for your next steak dinner and enjoy the true gaucho taste!

Item Two:  Memories of Patagonia Malbec Wine Marinade

wine sauce

–     The perfect marinade for seasoning lamb, pork, or turkey.  This Malbec Wine Marinade made with succulent berries from Patagonia, honey from local pampas, and Malbec wine from Mendoza will taste great with meat on the grill. I actually thought this was jelly at first.  I plan to take Try the World suggestion from their blog and glaze this over a homemade fruit tart.

Item Three:  Dulcor, Dulce de Membrillo

dulcor–    I saw dulce and immediately thought this was a candy, but really it is quince paste.  A nice feature of Try the World is their blog.  They have an article called 5 Ways to Use Quince Paste. Glazed over meat, drizzled on a desert, this is a very versatile product.  They also have a recipe for cheesecake on their site that has a quince paste topping.

Item Four:  Bake Love Koo! Butter Cookies

koo–     I see sweet and salty and my mouth starts watering.  Made with natural ingredients Bake Love Koo!  Sweet and Salty cookies taste a bit like shortbread with a hing of  a sweet salty taste.  Great with a cup of tea.  This bag was a pretty generous size.

Item Five:  Dona Magdalena, Dulce de Leche

dulce–     When I pulled this Dulce de Leche out of the bag I did a happy dance.  I was first introduced to this product, not necessarily the same brand, when I was fourteen and went to Puerto Rico for the first time.  Dulce de Leche candies are amazing and this sauce is no exception.  This gourmet dulce de leche is made with natural ingredients and with the best breeds of cattle by the family-owned Magdalena company. Dulce de Leche is a milky caramel that can be eaten right of the jar (yes!) or drizzled over ice cream.  I had no idea, but this sauce is the national marmalade of Argentina.  So good!

Items Six:  Chamana and Inti Zen, Argentine Teas

chamana–     I am a coffee drinker but I occasionally will sip a cup of tea.  My mother is a big tea drinker.  Chamana and Inti Zen curate their teas with the help of internationally recognized artisanal tea-blenders, using only authentic Latin American ingredients. Enjoy exclusive flavors in this box, such as Don Juan with dulce de leche and red fruits or yerba mate, the national drink in Argentina.

Item Seven:  MQA Gourmet, Green Olive Paste

olive paste–     MQA Gourmet uses freshly pitted olives to make this delicious green olive paste. An Argentine take on the traditional Southern French tapenade, this spread is the key to make the tastiest canapes at your next garden party. Enjoy it with a Fernet cocktail (a dark liqueur with hints of licorice) for an authentic experience any porteno will attest to.

Value:  It is hard to do a cost breakdown because if you look up these products most of the sites are in Spanish.  However, so many destination boxes say they are giving you genuine products from certain countries, and they are not.  Try the World carefully curates these boxes and I greatly appreciate the time and effort.  All of these products truly represent Argentina.  As I am typing this my husband is making chicken using the Chimichurra marinade and it smells great.  We really love this box, especially all the suggestions that come with it.  It is like taking a trip every other month.  I have to tell you, I did not want to like this box, we pay for it, but we really do.

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