DIY Slime

SimplySaturday–     It is a laid back kind of day for us,  the weather here is scorching.  We are planing on making the July Raw Spice Bar Ribs and Potato Salad for a picnic type dinner this weekend.  I am also going to put together a fruit tart and will share my recipe with you all.  My husband is painting over the scribbles on our walls and hopefully tomorrow we will be heading to the pool.

–     Last night I wanted to pull the kids away from the television and do something that was more educational.  We decided to make slime. My four-year-old and I discussed texture and different words such as slimy, gooey, squishy, soft and so on.  It was a lot of fun.  My nine-year-old and I worked with fractions and different measuring cups and spoons.  He had fun only because he did not realize I was teaching him.  Nothing like making slime to distract kids.

slime ingredients

DIY Slime Recipe

2 1/2 cups of cornstarch
1/2 cup of clear bath gel or shampoo (we used Attitude Shampoo)
Food Coloring/Liquid Water Colors
Around 12 Tbsp of water (add for texture at end)

Tip:  I am walking around with green hands today. I look like I belong on a Wicked set.  If you use Food Coloring you will find your skin to be stained.  I am going to purchase some Liquid Water Colors and see if that helps at all.

–     Grab two bowls.  Put your cornstarch in one and your shampoo or bath gel in the other.  Add your color to the shampoo/bath gel mixture.  Pour your color mixture into the corn starch and stir.  It will be crumbly at first.  Little by little add one tbsp of water at a time.  When your mixture starts to form begin to knead it and keep adding water until you have a slimy consistency.  Enjoy!

ayden slime

–     This was really messy but the kids had a blast.  Make sure to put something down to catch drips.  Clean up was not difficult.  You just pour water on your bowls and utensils until it turns to liquid and washes off.  Get bath water ready for your kids, they will get messy.  In my case, they turned a bit green.

Cheers! –J


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