Friday in Review

It's Friday-1This week was memorable because:

–      Well the rain has not stopped but it did not stop me and B from having fun taking pictures for the Sprouting Threads review.  One of our stops was at Cherry Berry, I forgot how amazing their Frozen Yogurt was, especially in the summer heat.


–     It looks like I am going to make five days of Boot Camp again.  I am shocked at how quickly I can see results, my clothes are getting looser.  I have not started an eating program yet but I know that needs to start soon for maximum results.  Really my whole goal here is just a lifestyle change.  Much easier to do when your off from work.

–     I get to be a Maid of Honor in November and B a flower girl.  In fact all of us girls are standing up because Kate is going to be a Bridesmaid.  Am I too old to be a Maid of Honor?  I refuse to be called Matron, lol.  Still I am honored and very excited.  This means a trip to New York and a chance to see all of my family.

–     We are anxiously preparing for our first Garage Sale this week.  I am worried that I don’t have enough items but i may have people joining me so that will make it better.


–     I am really starting to get excited about my Italy/Greece trip in March.  The itinerary looks amazing and I am heading out with great people.  Still get that mommy is leaving vibe but, thank goodness for my mother who comes and stays with the kids.  I could never do this without her and I will be eternally grateful.

–     I am hosting a 10 day trip to Cuba in 2017.  I work with an educational tour company on the side.  This is an adults only excursion and the itinerary looks amazing.  It is open to anyone, so if you would like to join us let me know.  The price is amazing for what you get.  Here is a look at the itinerary:  Cuba

Have an amazing weekend!



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