Thursday Thoughts: My Word Collection


–  I have a secret, I collect phrases.  Sayings that impart wisdom, quotes that help to keep a person going in the face of adversity, anything that helps me to maintain a somewhat optimistic perspective in a world where nothing feels too secure.  In fact, I looked today on my Pinterest Board and I have over 400 quotes on a board called Road to Health.  I created this board several years ago, it was my first.  I remember it like it was yesterday, a different way to try to achieve spiritual, physical and mental health.  I had no concept of how much this board would come to mean to me.



–   I had no idea that  I would come to need this board, almost crave it in my daily life.  I love following people on Pinterest who put up quotes that make you think, or challenge your current way of thinking.  I am a bit addicted to my Pinterest page because when I sign in I see so many amazing words of encouragement and they spark so much joy and hope.  I follow pages that are devoted to quotes, so when someone adds a new pin, I get to see it on my main page.  In some ways I think this is my form of meditation.  I will read something and feel the need to write for hours in a journal.

37b0e1d09756da7be8217052bf7ec622–     Most importantly, i love how the words make me feel inside.  Sometimes they drag me out of a horrible day, sometimes they remind me that I am stronger than even I believe, and sometimes they help me focus on my story, who I am and what I want to become.

e1d44f146493d74b0c8fe73082bd9b8d–    If this post speaks to you, grab a cup of tea or coffee, your journal and start your own board.  It is free, and it may just help you start your day off with hope and purpose.    Don’t know where to start?  Just follow my board Road to Health, you will have plenty to mull over.




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