Happy Mail July 2015 Review

July 2015 Happy Mail title

Happy Mail
Cost:  $15 monthly, with 12 month commitment, you do not have to pay up front.
Shipping: World Wide/International Shipping add $2.00
Coupon:  If you agree to an annual subscription, you will be billed $15 monthly

July Happy Mail–     Happy Mail, brain child of the A Beautiful Mess sisters, offers subscribers  monthly cards, stationary, stickers, writing utensils, envelopes and so much with a retail value of over $50. Qualitytimes7 pays for this subscription.

The July Box Included:

  • 1 Postcard
  • 8 Cards
  • 9 Standard Envelopes
  • 1 Mini Art Print
  • 1 Art Print
  • “1 Hiya Toots” Pencil
  • 1 Set of Circle Stickers
  • 1 Set of Alpha Stickers


Item One:     You Spin Me Right Round Baby Flat Card

Item Two:  Zoolander Ridiculously Good Looking Folded Card

–     I cannot tell you how much I love both of these cards.  Zoolander is one of my all time favorite movies and this appears to be a close quote.

IMG_2426Item Three:  Lets Taco Bout It Post Card

Item Four:  Happy Birthday Flat Card

–     Not sure when I would use the post card, but I never have enough birthday cards and this one is great.  I kept thinking how nicely this would match with a blue ombre rose cake as a gift.

IMG_2427Item Five:  Don’t Quit Your Day Dream Mini Art Print

–    Love this!  I think I may put together a collage of some of my favorite prints and this one is a must.

IMG_2415Item Six:  Whatever Makes You Weird, Art Print

–     I photo shopped the bottom of this print so you can all see what it should look like, but i had several markings there.  I think they were from the pencil during shipping, but I am not sure.   I really like the print, and I believe a frame will hide the markins.

IMG_2420Item Seven:   I Love You Berry Much Flat Card

Item Eight:  Succulent Circle Stickers

–     My picture does not do this card justice, it is vibrant and beautiful and will go to good use.  I am not sure what I will do with the cactus circles.  I used the last set I received as address hiders for my reviews.  These would look cute to seal an envelope, but I am not sure what they would actually match.IMG_2418

Item Nine:  Crossword Flat Card

Item Ten:  Neon Letter Alpha Stickers

–     I immediately started finding words on this card.  I think it would be fun to address the envelope using the alpha stickers, or at least a cute message inside if you are afraid they may fall off during shipping.


Item Eleven:  Soulmates Flat Card

Item Twelve:  You’re Married Folded Card

–    The Soulmate card is very unique and cute.  I know plenty of people getting married so that card will also be put to good use.

Item Thirteen:  Scribble Envelope

Item Fourteen:  Keepin’ It Real Flat Card

Bonus Item:  Hiya Toots Pencil


–   The scribble card and the pencil were a nice touch to the box.  I think that pencil may have been what marked up my Art Print.  The Keepin’ it Real card has a cute mod vibe.

Value:  Overall I am very Happy (no pun intended) with my Happy Mail.  I do think the value is there, but so is thoughtfulness, creativity and choice.  Since I began subscribing a few months ago (Messy Box included), I have more than enough paper goods at hand, and I believe that is a good thing. I am not sure if I will post reviews every month for both Happy Mail and Messy Box, mainly because the sisters already have such a thorough video of each box on their site before the boxes are mailed out.




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