Monday Coffee

–     There is a reason this caption does not say Monday Morning Coffee!  We just woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon after both our youngest were up all night and way into the morning.  My husband is making coffee right now while looking like a zombie.  B is a diagnosed insomniac.  I had never before met a child insomniac, and now I have one.  She is not eligible for melatonin because of night terrors so we just have to cope with it the best we can.  After four kids that are now almost fully grown, nothing quite prepares you for a child that does not stop going until she drops.  Nothing except if you yourself were an insomniac, which my husband was as a child.  I blame him 🙂


–     I wanted to introduce you all to our new family members Steve and Stewart.  Happy to say there is no white cat name Muta residing at my house right now.  You can find the wall tanks and glow in the dark rocks on Amazon.

–     I just found out I get to be a Maid of Honor in November, really probably should be Matron, but I like Maid.  B is going to be the flower girl.

–     The plan is to try to get reviews up on the wonderful  Try the World Box July 2015 Box, Happy Mail July, and the Target Beauty Box today after boot camp and shopping…stay tuned.

Here is to a great week.



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