Kiwi Crate “Lemonade Stand” July 2015 Review

b photo july kiwi crateKiwi Crate
Cost: $19.99 monthly
Shipping:  United States and Canada
Coupon:  Click Here for 50% off your first month for any Kiwi Crate line box (Koala, Tinker, Kiwi and Doodle) using my referral link.  The discount is automatic after clicking, bringing your crate down to $10.00 for the first month.  This will start a subscription so you will need to cancel if you wish to discontinue.  You can also pause in your account settings.


–     Every month around the 15th my daughter’s eyes light up with excitement when she sees her green box. Today she came running into my bedroom saying “Kiwi” over and over.   She knows that this is her green crate. and she and mom are about to have some fun.  Kiwi Crate is a once a month subscription service for kids ages 3-7 that provides themed arts and craft with a strong education experience.  This just happens to be the box that hooked me on subscriptions.  It was my first and is still one of my favorite.

kiwi july first look

–     Kiwi offers many boxes for different ages and my referral link above works for every one of them.  My daughter B has been working on Kiwi Crates for about two years now and she adores them.  We also subscribe to Koala Crate which is specifically aimed for 3 and 4-year-olds.  You can see the June Koala Crate Review HERE or a past Kiwi Crate Review HERE.

Kiwi July all items  –     The July box was jammed packed full of goodies.  I knew the theme was lemonade stand, but I had no idea what was going to be included. The two main crafts were “My Shop Sign” and “My Cash Register” but, Kiwi also includes a monthly copy of Explore Magazine with more craft ideas.  There was a bonus game this month called “Math Games”, you can find the picture below.

Project One:  My Cash Register

Our finished cash register and directions.

–     When B saw the money she was so excited. She insisted we put the “My Cash Register” craft together first. Kiwi gives you all the materials needed and sends picture directions for all projects.  I loved that this included a working calculator.  This was the first time B worked with one.  This particular project was low on the messiness scale but high on the parent involvement.  She needed me to put together the cash register and help with the stickers.  B enjoyed punching out the coins and it led to a great discussion about how much each one was worth.

Tip:  Parent should separate the dollar bills, they rip easily.


 Project Two:  My Shop Sign

IMG_2445–     Kiwi included chalk, a chalk board and an easel.   The stencils were a nice touch.  There was also a craft to make a lemon eraser for your board.  B helped me lace the string through, but I did the rest.  She did enjoy coloring on the chalk board.

Bonus Math Game

Value:  It is hard to do a cost breakdown this month since the materials are made for Kiwi Crate. This company sends out high quality craft supplies with fantastic ideas.  I love that I do not have to find time go shopping for educational craft ideas.  Instead  Kiwi delivers creativity and fun right to my door each month.  I plan to gift B another year for her birthday.   Are you ready to sign up?  Click Here for 50% off your first month for any Kiwi Crate line box (Koala, Tinker, Kiwi and Doodle) using my referral link.



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