Dear Future Pet Shop that I am visiting today:  I am coming in with five kids and we will only purchase two fish for their playroom, nothing else.  I mean it!  I don’t care if everyone wants a fat white cat named Muta.

Muta from the film The Cat Returns

Dear Katie:  I am so excited that you are starting a new nursing program soon.  Just when you think something is not going to work out, something good happens.  Love it!  I kind of love your boyfriend too.

Dear Kyle:  Don’t worry I will not be infiltrating your Snap Chat again any time soon.

Dear Kevin:  You turn 18 this week!  We are counting down the days until you leave for college.  I cannot fathom how quickly you all are growing up.  Looking forward to the two of us heading out together this week.

Dear Husband:  Great Job touching up the playroom.  I am curious how long the walls will stay scribble free.

Dear B:   You are such an amazing big sister.  You are always checking out where your baby brother is and making sure he is okay.  I enjoyed just the two of us swimming yesterday.  By the way,  you do not need to get ice cream every time we going swimming, sadly this is true.

Dear Ayden: It is so much fun to watch you and your younger siblings playing on your Kindles.  I was so touched when you offered yours to A when his ran out of charge.

Dear A:  I wish I could make it all better when you get overstimulated.  I have been reading up on some tips and it appears that running my fingers up and down your back calms you down a bit.  We got this!

–   I hit box overload a few days ago and I am trying to get caught up on many reviews.  Stay tuned.



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