Hamptons Lane Healthy Eating Box January 2015

health box hamptonsDisclosure:  This post contains referral and/or affiliate links.

Hamptons Lane
Cost: $47/monthly with skip option
Shipping:  United States
Coupon:  Click here to receive my personal invite and save $10 on your first box and use coupon code SUBSCRIPTION10 at checkout.

hamp healthy info card
Every box comes with an insert that beautifully shows each product and gives you recipe ideas.

–     Each month the Hamptons Lane team of experts curates amazing kitchen products together with artisan foods & ingredients into a themed box, like the Must-Haves of Cocina Mexicana or The Best in BBQ.  The Healthy Eating box is curated by David Zinczenko, creator of the Zero-Belly Diet.  Today was my sixth day of Fit Body Boot Camp, so this box is perfect right now.  This is my fifth box from Hamptons Lane, and so far I have no regrets.  I will be posting a review of their March Pasta Box in the near future.Every box comes with an insert that beautifully shows each product and gives you recipe ideas.

–    One of the biggest reasons I first became a member of Hamptons Lane was that each month subscribers have the option to skip by the 5th or substitute out for a box you have not received.  The Healthy Eating Box came out in time for New Years, but it was right after the holidays and I was budgeting, so I did not purchase at that point.  They sold out of this box quickly and I have been patiently waiting for it to come back.  I was thrilled to purchase it this month, and I know it is still for sale but quantities are limited. We made two recipes from this months box: Shrimp Pad Thai with Zucchini Noodles, and we currently have Chia Ginger Apple Crisp in the oven.

The Healthy Eating Box Included:

Unpeeled zucchini turned into spiraled noodles for the included Shrimp Pad Thai Recipe.

 Item One:  Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiralizer (Hamptons Lane Exclusive $33.23)

–     I have been wanting to try a spiralizer now for awhile. The Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiralizer makes turning whole vegetables into spiraled noodles so easy. Although Hampton Lane says this is an exclusive, I found an identical one on Amazon.    There are three different blades and I could not believe how quickly I was able to get these done.  Clean up was really easy as well.   There are whole cookbooks out there devoted to healthy recipes using this type of machine.  I love pasta and was nervous that I would hate vegetable noodles, but in the end I loved them.  My husband and I are already planning on making more recipes this week.  I should also note that one of the biggest reasons I purchased this box was because I looked around for spiralizers and on average they were close to the cost of this box.  With this purchase I received so much more than just the spiralizer.

noodles zuccini
Our finished Shrimp Pad Thai with Zucchini Noodles.

Item Two:  Dracula’s Nightmare Seasoning from Green Trading Co. ($6.25)


–     We cooked our shrimp with the Dracula’s Nightmare Seasoning tonight and it was unbelievable.  When creating a healthy menu you really want flavor without the calories and this spice rub packs a punch without the salt.  Made with sesame seeds, garlic, onion, oregano leaves, basil leaves, celery seeds, marjoram, paprika and thyme leaves, this garlic seasoning is fantastic.

Item Three:  JoJo’s Sriracha from Love Hard, Inc ($14)


–   My husband puts sriracha on everything.  According to the insert, Jojo personally selects each blend of peppers for the best combination of flavor and heat.  This Sriracha is a fermented chili pepper puree using whole peppers for full depth and flavor.  High quality ingredients, no preservatives, very little sugar, sounds fantastic.  Hamptons Lane included recipes for Sweet and Spicy Sriracha Almonds and Sriracha Salmon over Leek and Parsnip Rice.

Item FourChia Ginger Superfood Cereal by Nuts.com ($8.99)


–     We are in the process of making the Chia Ginger Apple Crisp recipe and it smells fantastic.  It was a bit hot today to use the oven, but this will be a big hit in the Fall.  The Chia Ginger Superfood Cereal combines the supergrains chia, quinoa and amaranth with hawthorn berries and ginger to create a delicious blend with antioxidants, protein and circulatory and digestive aids.  Update:  The Chia Ginger Apple Crisp recipe tasted a bit like Apple Cobbler without the butter.  My husband and I ate the whole bowl with some help from B.

hamptons apple chia

Item Five:  The Ace of Spice Organic Peanut Butter from Better Off Spread ($10)

peanut butter –     All I can say is wow!  This is not the prettiest picture below but I wanted to show you all the texture as we put together the Pad Thai.  This Organic Peanut Butter is a blend of Asian-influenced peppery peanut better.  It is organic, vegan and gluten-free.  You will find non-GMO roasted peanuts, organic black sesame seeds, organic ground Szechuan peppercorns, ground red chili peppers and natural sea salt.  My husband informed me tonight that we will be ordering more of this in the future.

IMG_2395Value:  The Hamptons Lane Healthy Eating Box has a value of over $70 but you really cannot put a price on healthy recipes.  You can receive your first box for only $37 by clicking my link.  This really is a great box.



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